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To my new followers: Hello!

Here you'll find me ranting about things, with fuzzy soft edges.

You might know me ~> over on Twitter as ~> where I typically post some things, but mostly repost things. 👁️

I have 8 gigs of RAM, 3 Firefox windows/10-15 tabs total.

97% of my ram is in use. Why?

No idea, welcome to Linux on the desktop.

I wanna give a shoutout to my trans friends on Fedi

On (And every day) you're loved.

Your word of the day is: "roof tea": the water that leaks off your roof.

We found a pot of it at Black Lodge Research. Tasty!

What in the actual goddamn just graced my good proper dairy case with this cursed shit?

H/t: "don't worry, that's just my emotional support bees"

Christians: "Christians are oppressed in the United States."

Also Christians: "let's appropriate offensive imagery and religious ideals of Native Americans"

TIL about &! to background and disown a process

i refuse to use any type of transportation that cannot have balls attached to it

Another day, another paper pirated so I can do my goddamn homework.

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Wow, this talk is Amazing: "we don't just have to avoid building harmful technology, we have to actively work to build something positive."

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