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To my new followers: Hello!

Here you'll find me ranting about things, with fuzzy soft edges.

You might know me ~> over on Twitter as ~> where I typically post some things, but mostly repost things. 👁️

me: Why is this "pay bill" button not working
me: *drops into console*
console: Angular is running in the development mode. Call enableProdMode() to enable the production mode.
me: ...😬

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Considering how many photos I’ve seen of foxes licking their noses, it must be true that fox noses are delicious.

If your revolution doesn’t have trans cavalry what are you even doing?!?

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I'm thinking I should get a "professional" mastodon.

On the other hand, that would mean keeping track of two accounts.

On the third hand, putting my handle in a professional talk feels like wearing by-definition-assless chaps and hawaiian print shorts on stage.

imagine being Christian and thinking that "Jesus was a brown Jewish socialist" was "a stretch" or even "interpretation"

This is pointed straight at places like TensorFlow.

There's a lot of TensorFlow that can't survive an upgrade. Google's own CoLab has this broken mixture of packages.

__You cannot run Google's own CoLab based notebooks in CoLab because they have too new a version of Python__.

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I have some angry words for the Scientific Python community:

Support the latest version of the language or get out.

If, within a year of its release, you don't support the current POINT LEVEL release of Python, why? If you can't install Debian Stable (which already has OLD packages) and your stack, then you are doing a fundamental disservice to your users.

Python 3.8 is out, and yet I'm looking at a package that can't support anything over 3.5 published in the year of $DIETY 2020.

oh gosh it's 4AM

I should sleep.

I yelled on birdsite about a hydrographics shop not using HTTPS.

Well, using HTTPS but in the most Galactic Brain way possible:

This came to a head when I could roughly understand the main points of a video produced by @LaQuadrature

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fuck computers. damn them all to hell. 


It is 11/20

Today we remember the trans folks who we have lost so that we may one day never lose more to anything but nature itself.

:natalies_candle: Natalie, Rachel, and all others I cannot remember now, you continue to be a reason to fight.


Everything will be fine.

Close your eyes and relax.

Next week will bare good news

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