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To my new followers: Hello!

Here you'll find me ranting about things, with fuzzy soft edges.

You might know me ~> over on Twitter as ~> where I typically post some things, but mostly repost things. 👁️

Everything will be fine.

Close your eyes and relax.

Next week will bare good news

So I kinda semi-today learned that the Weather Channel is actually locally generated at the local side and is, in fact, almost all automatically built.

Very surreal to see some of the various bits of hardware that go into making it work.

I have 8 gigs of RAM, 3 Firefox windows/10-15 tabs total.

97% of my ram is in use. Why?

No idea, welcome to Linux on the desktop.

I wanna give a shoutout to my trans friends on Fedi

On (And every day) you're loved.

Your word of the day is: "roof tea": the water that leaks off your roof.

We found a pot of it at Black Lodge Research. Tasty!

What in the actual goddamn just graced my good proper dairy case with this cursed shit?

H/t: "don't worry, that's just my emotional support bees"

Christians: "Christians are oppressed in the United States."

Also Christians: "let's appropriate offensive imagery and religious ideals of Native Americans"

TIL about &! to background and disown a process

i refuse to use any type of transportation that cannot have balls attached to it

Another day, another paper pirated so I can do my goddamn homework.

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