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To my new followers: Hello!

Here you'll find me ranting about things, with fuzzy soft edges.

You might know me ~> over on Twitter as ~> where I typically post some things, but mostly repost things. 👁️

TIL about &! to background and disown a process

i refuse to use any type of transportation that cannot have balls attached to it

Another day, another paper pirated so I can do my goddamn homework.

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Wow, this talk is Amazing: "we don't just have to avoid building harmful technology, we have to actively work to build something positive."

Tonight's win: Putting Hebrew into an otherwise English language document in LaTeX.

The trick is: the `babel` package adds a few keywords to let you specify the languages used within the document. Use `\selectlanguage{english}` in your preamble and `\R{...}` to display the RTL hebrew in the appropriate direction.

i would like to thank further confusion for weaponizing owo against non-congoers

SDF circa 1992 in the “big black case”, 4 dialups, plus 1 line for a telebit trailblazer #modem for #uucp running ISC SVR3 #unix #astroboy #鉄腕アトム #bbs #isp #sdf32 #unix50

Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"

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