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I forgot to mention that I also have a Telegram channel that automatically updates whenever I post something to my website. It's nifty if you wanna keep up with the art I get and the pictures I take (and maybe even the music I make???)

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Hi! I'm Ice Foxx, but you can call me Jamie if you want. I'm a trans trans femme enby vixen. I occasionally make music, take pictures, design websites, and write code. I love fursuiting!

Here are some of the places you can find me!


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I like listening to books at night because I can just be in darkness and enter the world of the book.

But then I tend to fall asleep listening to them and then I miss parts.

I will forever crush on fursuits before people lol

so uh

Winamp just released their first version in like. five years

Underworld up loud in my headset this afternoon just trying to drown out my coworkers and other noise in the office.

It's like I need just 24 hours of quiet and tea drinking.

I mean, that would be too much tea, but the quiet would be nice

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