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I forgot to mention that I also have a Telegram channel that automatically updates whenever I post something to my website. It's nifty if you wanna keep up with the art I get and the pictures I take (and maybe even the music I make???)

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Hi! I'm Ice Foxx, but you can call me Jamie if you want. I'm a trans trans femme enby vixen. I occasionally make music, take pictures, design websites, and write code. I love fursuiting!

Here are some of the places you can find me!


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Okay, yeah, I'm doin' it. Catch me livin' that yiff -dot- life!


Okay, yeah, I'm doin' it. Catch me livin' that yiff -dot- life!


Thinking about making my @icefoxx account my main account... hrm

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there's a bulge 

it's MY mile high club and we do NOT tuck

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cat video 

What the... there's a very large fox in here...

o.. okay then...

I wish I could just curl up my body like a fox and just sleep the anxiety away

I'm tired of coding I want to start designing version 6 of my site

re: dream, trans things 

I mean, she wasn't my grandma in the dream, and I wasn't, like, marrying her grandchild or anything, so it was just honorary, but she meant it and it made me all kinds of happy.

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dream, trans things 

Just woke up.

Had a dream I was in London and an old lady called me her grand daughter and wow was that nice :3

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Twitter Crosspost, Likely NSFW 

RT Commission for Insanitywolfy at Tumblr featuring Alice Rose, their super hot german shepherd girl!


Whoops, still getting used to this new app and I thought the "thread a toot" thing was the cw field haha

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One of the best things that happened to me in the past couple of weeks was when a long time friend found my twitter account, discovered I'm trans, and texted me with the correct name. It just makes things seem *possible*.

The thought of actually coming out to a few more of my friends seems more possible now.

I just want everyone to know that sometimes I don't have the mental energy or time to respond to things that I want to respond to on here or other social media. I kind of feel a pressure to make sure I respond with thoughtful responses instead of just liking or faving, but often I just can't formulate a coherent reply in the small amount of time that I have.

Especially at work, the nature of my job means that I can be interrupted for an unknown amount of time, even though a lot of the time I'm just sitting here, scanning or installing things on computers.

re: lewd adjacent 

oh no what have I done. I got myself thinking about horse boyfriends before work and now that's all I want to think about

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rubber clad horse boys (sfw furry art) 

I mean, it's pretty clear now why I have a rubber clad horse boy character of my own :3c

Art by

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lewd adjacent 

I think it's actually impossible for me to get enough of rubber clad horse boys. ๐Ÿ˜โ€‹

Yeah, I've got a type :3c

late night gender thoughts (posted on birdsite last night) 

I remember getting artwork done of Ice Foxx after I figured I probably wasn't cis but before I figured out I was trans. A lot of times I like to leave some stuff up to the artist (if they're cool with that). It's kind of more of a surprise then when it's finished.

However, if Ice Foxx looked more male than female I was always slightly disappointed. "Gee", I thought, "This would be better he Ice Foxx was more girly in this picture" is what I thought every time, even though I rarely specified that's what I wanted.

I obviously never complained to the artist because it was entirely my fault for not explaining what I wanted. I don't think I wanted to explicitly tell people that Ice was to be depicted as a girl. I just wanted, to, like, have it sorta happen. That was the surprise I wanted.

All this to say that because Ice is basically me, I wanted to be a girl but I didn't actually want to say it. Now I know that being a girl makes me happy, and happiness is truth.

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late night gender thoughts (posted on birdsite last night) 

Remember, what makes you happiest is your truth. Any doubts don't matter in the face of happiness. It took me months of therapy to realize this, and it's still hard for me to believe it sometimes, but it makes sense. Pure happiness isn't a lie. It's the essence of who you are.

My trouble with gender over the past year lead me to doubt a lot about myself. I doubted I was cis, and then I doubted I was trans. My doubts don't matter because at the end of the day I really do feel like I'm happiest when I'm a girl.

moderate dysphoria but also kind of wistful (~) 

I would love for people to just see me as the girl I feel I am.


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