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computer science programs should spend a LOT more time and effort teaching students how to do effective technical writing

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US/Int Pol/Paperclips 

Of course I support a third party, because NEITHER of the two mainstream ones support the policies that are important to me:

Going to the moon (And making it into paperclips.)
Ending global warming (By turning the atmosphere and earth into paperclips)
Bringing an end to animal suffering (By turning them into paperclips)
Meeting extraterrestrial life (And turning them into paperclips)
Ending death and sadness (By giving/making everyone paperclips.)

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Hot Take 

I'm actually not really happy about the custom image substitution stuff. But you guys can be happy about it. It's just terrible from the perspective of a digital archivist.

opencritic.com/ is apparently going to start including rating flags in games based on how poisonous the business model is.

Maybe journalism isn't entirely dead yet!

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With all current discourse it seems interesting to post again the paradox of tolerance:

> The paradox states that if a society is tolerant without limit, their ability to be tolerant will eventually be seized or destroyed by the intolerant. Popper came to the seemingly paradoxical conclusion that in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.


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For Android users, wanna see something fun ?


Say hello to the data Google collect on your Android 🤔

Dammit this was really not how I wanted to start the morning.


What they call fascists are generally more neo-fascists I guess... super racist, super religious conservatives who preach an ideology of dominance, isolationism and racial superiority.

Idk maybe it's an evolution of the same ideas? Seems rather different than actual Mussolini-style "the citizen must serve state" kind of fascism.

Need to learn more about the evolution there. To Wikipedia!

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Antifa people don't even use the term fascism correctly. Fascism is a political ideology that came out of WW1 that emphasizes nationalism, militarism and imperialism, and was viewed by its supporters as a necessary tool to fight the sort of total wars for dominance and survival that WW1 seemed to be just the first of.

Then the atomic bomb made that sort of war obsolete, because starting another one would mean the end of the world. So the major powers started different kinds of empires.

I'm definitely against fascism which is kinda why antifa scare me cause they sound kinda fascist.

"Yes we will advocate open organized violence against the people who disagree with us what's your point."

Gee, lemme think about that one. Maybe violence is a bad tool for solving problems and we should try to be better and more ethical than our opponents?

Antifa (-) 

Do people fucking listen to themselves? "If you're not against fascism you're against humanity"?

That is not an argument, that is a justification. That's the sort of justification that people use for killing other people. "If you're not against capitalism you're against progress" "if you're not against communism you're against freedom" "if you're not against Jews you're against God"

If antifa people are butthurt about being called terrorists maybe they should stop sounding like them.

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#Inktober 8. An overdue gift/trade for a friend of her Charr guardian, Shah Stormwalker in a fanciful semi-heraldic style. I know it’s not terribly “traditional” as far as style execution goes, I just wanted an excuse to see how well I could ink with a brush. I’m slowly but surely getting over my aversion to painting with India ink.


Fortunately it's seasonal.

I need to make some bat cutouts and position them to cast spooky shadows.

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So my solar porch light thing works

But it also makes an eerie blue-white LED glow that makes my house generally look like it's expecting a visit from the Ghostbusters.

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For indigenous people's day: tool for north americans to find out whose land they're living on, with links.



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Tagging onto @teascade's #gamedev resources list, here's some engine-y stuff I found and still find to be helpful:

Robert Nystrom, "Game Programming Patterns": gameprogrammingpatterns.com/. Some of this will be familiar but other parts of it might be more novel, e.g. framerate-independent simulation and entity systems.

For entity system architecture reference, I like browsing through the links at entity-systems.wikidot.com/es-. I have so far enjoyed using and modifying github.com/alecthomas/entityx.

Alexander Overvoorde's open.gl. My OpenGL experience more or less stopped in the fixed-function era, and I found this to be a great help in getting up to speed. I also find Anton Gerdelan's OpenGL tutorials (antongerdelan.net/opengl/) very useful.

I have been told many, many times that Raph Koster's Theory Of Fun For Game Design (amazon.com/Theory-Game-Design-) is excellent. One of these days I will read it.

But seriously, when I read a wacky Geocities website made by some right-wing loonie and I'm like "yep sounds like BS, here's logical fallicies #1, 2 and 3" that's kinda what I expect

And then I read an NY Times article arguing the opposite and realize, wait a second, it's making the exact same sort of BS arguments, just polished up nicely with a journalism degree...

Shameful. Just fucking shameful. I thought we were supposed to be better than this, liberals.

Statistics, gun control (±) 

I'm going to sum up a big long rant... BOTH sides of the US gun-control debate are utter sleazy asshats who manipulate statistics and do utter BS reporting to make their side look as good as possible and slander the other side as much as humanly possible.

Nobody wants to LOOK at the data and use it to try to SOLVE PROBLEMS, everyone thinks the solution was handed to them by God Himself and they have to manipulate the data to fit.

It's fucking shameful. Fuck humans.


Even with a standing desk, getting the little things right makes a huge difference.

Today I elevated my monitors to the correct height instead of having them be an inch or two low. Not a huge difference. But I started playing a game and realized "wait a second, my ideal posture no longer involves slouching".

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Do you like NEWS? Investigative reporting? Long-form, sourced journalism? Freely and online?

Then try reading ProPublica! propublica.org/

I don't endorse every word they write, but they seem a pretty good organization carrying on an important style of journalism that seems to be endangered in the modern world.

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