long form writing 

Now that I think about it, Twitter is the reason I stopped putting two spaces after the period.

Having that very limited canvas has done a lot of damage on my ability to write. I instinctively reach for short, choppy sentences.

No nuance.
Few descriptions.
Just. getting. ideas. out. fast.

The sheer horror of the immediacy of it all has been a severe limitation on my writing. How do I detox from this?

Dopamine is a hell of a drug that seeps into the fibre of your psyche. Product designers want to create addictions to the product so number goes up. A product is a failure unless it gets infinite growth. Even if it's gotten so saturated that there's no hope of ever really growing again.

I don't like that aspect of our society and how it's seeped out into everything else. I don't think I can do anything about that though. I am a voice within a voice in the wind. The only real effect I can have on people are these words and the thoughts that emerge from people thinking about these words.

I also don't know if these words will reach my intended target audience, but maybe my letter in a bottle will go somewhere that helps.

Here's hoping.

long form writing 

Another thing that we have been told is that our writing only really publicly complains about things that are so observably wrong that it can't get us any flak for complaining about them. Yeah, that's probably also Twitter culture leaking over.

I don't want the things I write to get us cancelled, so I very finely craft things and prune topics away so that there's little room, margin or chance of error in interpreting it. This is very hard to do in a canvas of 280 characters. Much harder than you have any idea. Especially when topics require nuance or more words.

I hate it lol.

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