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@g FYI, I saw a Geico commercial playing on a TV at a restaurant and my instant reaction was "why is Nisse so off-model"

New Fursona, Nipples 

it's me!!
this is my new wolpertinger, Macaroon!!!

Nsfw, oral 

Experimented a lot with this! Probably not going to finish, but got to practice a few things <3

Thirsts and flirts welcome 👀

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider buying me a coffee!

I love that all of superheroes are "hey, wouldn't it be cool if you had a magical power to beat people up"

furry lewd genitalia poll 

(redoing with more visibility)

What would you want to see of Gulfie puffin's "equipment" if he's presenting his ass to you in a pornographic image

My discord PFP is now that chubby loafy puffin which is great because A. Mood and B. Furry adjacent but deniable

if you're bored, you can design a bird in your head. it's legal and the mods can't stop you



they turned @gulfie

t-they turned gulfie into a,,, a,,

a,,, web browser >~<

Relevant to any furry in the queer community who use apps like Grindr, this is a must read. Grindr sells your data to whoever which can mean you'll be outed to your employer or potentially the government. Bad outcomes if either is hostile to queer community or just hate harassment from strangers.

Meta light humor 

Gargron removed the local TL in the iOS app because he can read your DMs and now he's very upset

Can someone loop me deeper into the furry communitity? Maybe discord servers or something akin to that, especially ones that have voice chats?

I've been extremely alienated from furry fandom since snouts died like a year ago and it's starting to eat at me lol

BDG & Karen: "we like watching birds, they're so clever and also very cute"

Me: u//V//u stahp ://>c

Love to accidentally send a message intended to be a DM as a public post

Very normal and sensible UI

Your attention please, until further notice,

im raccoon


With the delta variant picking up I'm finally ordering a Gulfie beak mask

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