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nsfw explanation of why all yoshis lay eggs 

Yoshis as a species are all such submissives that eventually they couldn't find a dom, so they had to start reproducing asexually, and that's why they all lay eggs

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gulfie :over18: awooed
gulfie :over18: awooed

@FirstProgenitor i can't wait til grimes finally executes her long-term plan to kill musk and redistribute all his wealth

If I can't tell the difference between your HDR photo and a "Deep Fried" meme then you went too far pal

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In better news, I’m so hyped for god slayer bowser yall omggg 👀 💦

Hanging out in the hallway and beating up nerds if they don't give me their clout

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gulfie :over18: awooed
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nsfw joke 

The boy who cried Wolf?

I've seen enough furry porn to know that's just Fox McCloud

Mh ? Work - 

I have zero patience for people at work today jesus

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I work a lot of hours of my free time on, and also pay for most of it with my own pocket because the support I currently get is currently not enough to cover for the server costs (though I'm very grateful for what I already have!)

If you like, appreciate my work and can afford to help, consider contributing to my Patreon!

Referencing old(?) twitter furry drama 

Wow Skyrim came out in 2011, it's almost old enough to go on Twitter and tell adults what kind of furry porn they are and aren't allowed to look at

re: Meta 

Sorry this was a bit inflammatory... I get that people mean well... Just so sick of seeing drama escalated in bad faith

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Can y'all CW your meta shit? Not everyone loves drama as much as you.


The people who livestreamed storming the capital are the same people who laugh at those wacky news stories on the radio about incompetent criminals

I went to a tiny little grocery store the other day and this old lady was packing my bag, she was placing cans very carefully inside it and one fell over, she scolded it with "stand up you coward!" and I laughed way too hard

New mastodon feature where you can upload your fursona's noise and people can click on your avatar to hear it

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