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we did it!! humanity has placed foot on mars!
i can't believe it...thanks again to Loot Crate for sponsoring the S.S. Funko Pop

Who would win?

work - 

Almost wish my new manager was less competent... he knows just enough to derail what I'm working on and drive it in a bad direction

Last week, Google announced its own VPN service. Trusting Google's VPN would be like trusting a VPN from the NSA. Here's why giving Google direct access to all your online activity is a terrible idea:

NSFW YCH, Holiday Themes, Multislot 

Holiday bondage YCH!! I’m selling this for $30, taking multiple slots!!

Can be any species/gender, can be drawn with underwear or with genitals out

Bell harnesses/collar can be any color

HMU if interested!! I’ll close this probably by December 1st

tomorrow is today! there's still plenty of time left in the stream if you want a slot

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btw, for tomorrow's stream, I'd like to try to do timed sketches again! same as last time, send me 1 coffee ($3) for every 5 minutes of drawing time you'd like. reserve some time now at

Hullo out there! I'm Scarlet (scarly for short) and I'm your friendly nieghborhood black enby burnout. I subsist on a daily diet of , various forms of horror, and a shocking number of board games.

My pronouns and pronoun accessories are in my profile. Other than that, I'm fairly unapologetically black, so if you're triggered by non-whiteness... Then, check yourself, since the future is diversity and inclusion and I will absolutely not be silenced.

Technology has been a friend for me, even when I haven't had many others. I don't work in the industry at all, but I have experience in a fairly wide array of programming languages, operating systems, etc - and sometimes I do end up posting about nerdy things and stuff. It's something I do for fun, however, so don't expect serious diatribes on functional programming or anything of the sort (jk - sometimes, things just slip out).

I'm currently trying to get back into things again after a looooong hiatus following some fairly serious health issues, and so if I seem like I'm a bit skittish, it's not to be taken personally. It has been a *very* interesting last year and a half for me and I hope for a substantially less interesting (and more pleasant) future with perhaps more friends?

So. Yes. Hellooooo! <3

Nsfw art 

I started this but will Not finish it

Featuring @muttmusk <33

Shares and feedback mean the world to me!!

Goodnight. Please be nice to each other :blobcatheart:​

Have you or a loved one suffered through cringe meme within the last year? Call us today! We're currently looking for clients to file a civil suit against cringe memes in 2020.

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