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re: If I may request 11 seconds of your time, I made a TF animation! 

@heatherhorns so cute!

re: Furry art, ref sheet 

@citriz yay finally!

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Furry art, ref sheet 

Got a ref sheet of my sona done by the super-talented @MoaFowl on twitter. c: It's beautifullll~
I'll update this thread with other info (e.g. name, pronouns) when I've decided on them.

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re: Nsfw art, size difference 

@sockeye u//v//u don't worry I haven't forgotten

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Nsfw art, size difference 

HEY I realized theres some content that I never carried over from my last account! So have some YCHs I did when I first joined Snouts!!

Shares and feedback mean the world to me<3

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re: Nudity 

@sockeye I don't really understand his neck thingys but I want to hug him

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I did a study for my seal character, Chanston, and I did a version with he DICK OUT

Feedback and shares mean the world to me <3

@skelly I called my congressman and asked him to vote to make the virus illegal

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