re: Christian movie idea 

@sashahamilton there's a big market for Christian fiction novels, if competently written this would probably sell well as a book tbh i guess it is time for new iron maiden music in the year of our lord 2021

(cw: gore and violence in the video. it is iron maiden after all)

re: weight loss + 

@Zauberin great job hitting your goals! :blobcatheart:

Might throw a shirt up on RedBubble that says


Overlayed on - or just the colors of - the pan flag

Not sure what to make of this new animated dinosaur thing.

Today I learned there's a ligature for f and ï ( fï ) and I hate it

im tired of pretending that fat people arent hot

re: Lewd, choking 

@TalonTide I'm pretty sure you have the skills for this!

Y'all remember Furry Life Online?

haha what a time

Am I fancy, I can now do enough details to justify zoom-ins!
Been working my A off on learning to paint fur

Feedback and shares would mean so much to me<3

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider buying me a coffee!

re: Nsfw concept 

@TalonTide a true bard would be happy anyway

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