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nsfe, furry art 

top 10 shocking facts about peafowl

number 6 will shock you

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Wrastor seems a little more interested in something other than his homework

this was voted on by my patrons! to choose what I draw during my streams, you can support me on patreon

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mspaint comm for minty_da of their dragon character bumble as a kobold

re: vrchat rudeness 

@Drako_Fenris oculus please let me kick children in the teeth through the internet

nsfw :over18:​ furry butt 

Hey sailor, long trip at sea got you craving some tail?

From TainderStorm on FA

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Nsfw art, dirty talk, done YCH 

Finished YCH for @gulfie !!! <33

Two birdies just having a good ol' time together.
Rest assured as soon as they finished Sonny probably preened Gulfie for aftercare.

Shares and feedback mean the world<333

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Nsfw art, self-blowjob 

Hey if someone commissions you to draw your own sona being horny have you Peaked?

Thank you again <333 This was super fun lmao

re: Horny 

@Havneby *does a playful little tickle motion and moves his hand in but just rubs the puppy tummy nicely*

re: Horny 

@Havneby I meant belly rubs obviously!

re: Horny 

@Havneby *pet pet pet* good job! Puppy deserves a reward...

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nsfw, furry art messy wip 

aaaw yea nick wip

thats what we call grower representation babe beeee

re: duckposting! 

@Nine omg he's so protective it's really sweet

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gulfie :over18: awooed
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