Gun and jokey furry lewd 

@reno mod this into payday please

This is muppets canon:

Beakie is a bird-like monster with rainbow-colored hair, yellow eyes, and a large, spiky beak. She made her first appearance on The Muppet Show in episode 307, where she performed "You and Me" as a romantic duet with the song's co-writer and original performer, Alice Cooper.

At the conclusion of the number, it was revealed that Beakie was merely the form into which Miss Piggy had been transfigured when she sold her soul to the Devil.

People who place geocache markers like this for one actual geocache can go to hell

Here's the beta version of this friend from the teaser haha (cw eye contact)

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Oh shit I think they're hinting at a penguin-themed gang in the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk trailer and I'm now even more amped for this game lmao

Gif of puffin eating fish 

Puffins are goofy as hell I'm love

This is so nonsensical it's really funny to me this morning

remade a pokemon card layout mostly just to see if I could (did everything except the energy icons and font and obvs the actual pokemon art)... pretty happy with this to be honest.

I got a shirt with the most garish fabric ever at Meijer for $2. Someone had the guts to say "what if houndstooth but plaid" and then put it on a shirt and I'm here for it

📌(pinned post update)
long overdue refsheet cleanup/update with less frightening hands.


Okay if you have the sense of humor of a 3rd-grader like me you can buy this on a tote bag or a sticker now lmao

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