nsfw :over18:​ furry butt 

Hey sailor, long trip at sea got you craving some tail?

From TainderStorm on FA

My last meta post 

How to make Mastodon usable 101

I was just reminded of this and now you have to see it too

Nsfw furry doodle 

nuzzles u

Having a productive sprint review at work

Wow fuck you.

Also lmao at suggesting I use my phone to "disconnect from my phone". Because depending on my phone more will help become less dependent on it 🤔🤔🤔

vrchat modelling 

lmao this rules way more than I thought it would, I added a humanoid rig so it follows head motion, and the default dance animation is now adorable

Hobby Computer / electronics stuff 

Holy shit this is the cutest thing: adafruit.com/product/4506

vrchat modelling (last one for a bit I swear) 

I rigged the "ears" to the eye tracking and it really brings her to life a little bit :> Probably shelving this for a while though because I'm not having luck getting custom animations to work

Blender procedural materials on the left, Unity mapped textures on the right. Needs to be glossed up in the body a bit but overall looking pretty great IMO, esp for just 1k textures and under 5k triangles :3

Vr / vrchat 

Just under 5000 tris baby, just need to UV, texture and rig this cutie! Should be easy, right? Mouth and other details will be added back on later. Hoping to make her a VRChat avatar when I'm done, which should be fun to use if you're like me and don't have hand tracking anyway, lol.

Haha guess what I've been doing this morning instead of working

Oh fuck I just remembered Weebo the robot from Flubber (1997) and damn... need to 3d model this cute bot TBH

A more Christmassy reupload because I have nothing better to do with my time

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