I'm available to work on more commissions like these! If you want a pool toy version of a character modelled and rendered like this, let me know! Starts at $20 if they mostly fit the blank model below and go up from there. (Open to anthro, different poses, props, handles, valves, animation, even nsfw stuff, just DM me)

Completed a second pooltoy commission for @g ! Both gecs this time! Thanks for being patient.

Hmmm... OC idea... theropod who wants to be a synthetic bird, so they modified an enviro-suit to live that life. Also: hardlight ghost hands.

More electrical engineering gore 

Yes, that is an old pc PSU I added banana jacks to, yes the 12v rail is unlabelled and uses a black jack, yes there are seven banana plugs stacked up, yes that is a screw terminal PCB for the serial connection... I don't see the problem

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Lewd shitpost 

when your oven is really excited for the pizza


@EvilBobarino@snouts.online congrats Tomi is trending

Here's a finished commission for @g@snouts.online ! Niss seems to be enjoying her time in the pool

Kink implications 

Damn the opening wall of text in the film Anaconda is basically all fetish fuel huh?

opening for ych pool toy render commissions 

Hey I'm gonna do a couple more of these for money cuz it would make me feel competent, but only $5 because I have low self esteem. I can put the camera wherever and pose them on a pool chair or do more unique designs or whatever. Caveat is that they'll be cartoony and non-anthro because that's a million times easier. If you pay me more I can add handles, seams, a valve etc or even render a little animation. If this post is up it means I've still got slots.

sfw pool toy 3d art 

Hey here's a pool toy version of @Mace , hope you like it!

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