Two more Gulfie arts I received in artfight that I really like and haven't shared yet :3 left is by churroach and right is by neverskipeggday, they both give me Big Seratonin

More art fightery

Character is named Goose and uses he/him/they/them, for user NeverSkipEggDay

I love this so much look at what I got from user Sp00ky on artfight :blobfoxaww:

please look

random Discord user screenshot dunk 

"Blender Discord" users having a normal one

3d art, motion sickness warning 

Well fuck it

I think the character's name is Access and if you see them on ArtFight let me know lmao

look at him

this isn't just a single frame he poses like this for a couple solid seconds

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non-flashy-lights, lower quality version (colors are still kinda hard on the eyes though)

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flashing lights 

artfight attack on AF user MoonWolf, character is named Night Oasis!

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