Media rambling 

It's fucked up how much we (I guess "I") pick up shit from TV and mass-media.

I guess as a kid you don't really interact with adults and see how their relationships work or like see details of how their life works... Like I've seen hundreds of times more families eating dinner on TV than I have seen real families do this. I've seen so many breakups on TV and in music but I've only had a couple of people really confide in me about them and only vaguely.

It's no wonder we were all so woefully unprepared for adulthood.

re: Media rambling 

Bojack Horseman is a great show for many reasons but my favorite bit is how conscious it is of the lies media accidentally teaches us.

"Closure was invented by Stephen Spielberg to sell movie tickets"

And also there's a line from Princess Carolyn where she says something like "we get so caught up in stories, that we start to think that life is just stories, but it isn't, life is just life"

re: Media rambling 

I may never understand my own intentions and motivations as well as I understand those of a fictional character. Because the character's needs in the media are only shown if they contribute to the story. But in reality there is no story. There's no happy or sad ending to a block of time, no conclusions. We do shit "out of character" all the time. Things just happen and we try to deal with it.

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