New mastodon feature where you can upload your fursona's noise and people can click on your avatar to hear it

@gulfie *clicks on my profile, a very soft reh plays*

@gulfie demanding this feature to be included so i can upload scorbunny.wav

@EeveeEuphoria @gulfie why dp i feel this is a file you already have on your computer?

@Mattie @gulfie i don't, this needs to change actually

gonna make a new folder of pokemon noises that i use just like the low-res gifs of pokemon

@gulfie sorry but I have already decided I will only use this for evil for this UT2004 voiceline I occasionally inflict on people

@gulfie Honestly? I would use this. :3

[although maybe not clicking on the avatar, people might do that to look at the picture full-size without expecting sound!]

@IceWolf yeah maybe a little speaker icon next to the username 🔊

@gulfie can we upload multiple and have them be random

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