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Hi everyone, time for .

This handle/persona is my chance to get involved/socialize about the fandom and be more open about my sexuality, separate from my name and life in meat-space. I've been watching the furry fandom for years from the sidelines, finally trying to actually participate a bit.

I love (real and or non-anthro art). Sometimes I make amateur , including or some 3d stuff. I might boost or post NSFW stuff but always tagged.

weird relic of my highschool fursona + art 

@shel @Duende edit found it instantly

Idea: an instance where you have to be sincere all the time and being irony-poisoning, cringe culture and shitposting are insta-bans


Why is Find Familiar a level 1 spell but Clairvoyance is level 3? With find familiar you get basically the same effect, minus some distance, but you also can get advantage on most attacks, it can teleport within 30 feet of you, you can cast spells through it, AND you get a friend!

If you're a necromancer and you have a familiar, it has to be a possum

scotus funny moments, toilet noises 

the supreme court in 2020:

toilet flushing noise during oral arguments

The way the law works is you basically cannot, as a citizen, know with certainty if any single action is illegal, to know this you would have to read every law (local, federal and international) and know every precedent case, and even then it is subject to interpretation. Like cool.

3D Art, Eye contact 

Actual footage of me brooding

My grandparents, who are 94 and 101 respectively, recreating American Gothic.

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