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Hi everyone, time for .

This handle/persona is my chance to get involved/socialize about the fandom and be more open about my sexuality, separate from my name and life in meat-space. I've been watching the furry fandom for years from the sidelines, finally trying to actually participate a bit.

I love (real and or non-anthro art). Sometimes I make amateur , including or some 3d stuff. I might boost or post NSFW stuff but always tagged.

The woods can be quiet, the woods can be loud!

Depending on what kind of animal’s around!

But if you come blaring music and scaring Bambi

Remember, my garrote is as quiet, as quiet can be

Three PS3s is a decade old and somehow only has 250,000 views!? Fucking tragic.

I have a company holiday party coming up, it's beach themed. Tempted to bring a dolphin pool toy and tell everyone it's my wife

Really need to build a Bluetooth scrambler to fuck with the people who blast their car stereo on my street at 11PM

Why do they call them king size candy bars rather than size queen candy bars :thinkmeow:

Remember that it's someone's job to make up hashtags for advertisements that nobody will ever use

post a hot take on mastodon with a punch and then take a nap. I've never seen a more relatable tech product than this

@garfiald lotta blood play, I'm not into it but I am into alcohol, so gimme that slammin Christ bod and some cheese please.

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