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I'm available to work on more commissions like these! If you want a pool toy version of a character modelled and rendered like this, let me know! Starts at $20 if they mostly fit the blank model below and go up from there. (Open to anthro, different poses, props, handles, valves, animation, even nsfw stuff, just DM me)

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long overdue refsheet cleanup/update with less frightening hands. i guess it is time for new iron maiden music in the year of our lord 2021

(cw: gore and violence in the video. it is iron maiden after all)

Might throw a shirt up on RedBubble that says


Overlayed on - or just the colors of - the pan flag

Not sure what to make of this new animated dinosaur thing.

Today I learned there's a ligature for f and ï ( fï ) and I hate it

im tired of pretending that fat people arent hot

Y'all remember Furry Life Online?

haha what a time

Am I fancy, I can now do enough details to justify zoom-ins!
Been working my A off on learning to paint fur

Feedback and shares would mean so much to me<3

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider buying me a coffee!

Anyone have advice for a place to buy pride apparel etc. that isn't just some corporation profiteering off of it

vore humor 

You thought I was joking about Consumer Reports publishing a Vore Day issue, didn't you?

vore kink silly 

Hey preds, if you're cold, they're cold. Let them in!

Do you ever a

Using a meme to practice painting? It’s more likely than you think ;)

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider buying me a coffee!

Giving my fursona a fursona then RPing him RPing his fursona

re: furry lewd genitalia poll 

Thank u all for voting

Due to my own indecision, you can look forward to seeing not one, not two, but three of these soon 👀 so subscribe and smash the bell

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we like nomming birds,
and birds like nomming us!

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