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Hi everyone, time for .

This handle/persona is my chance to get involved/socialize about the fandom and be more open about my sexuality, separate from my name and life in meat-space. I've been watching the furry fandom for years from the sidelines, finally trying to actually participate a bit.

I love (real and or non-anthro art). Sometimes I make amateur , including or some 3d stuff. I might boost or post NSFW stuff but always tagged.

(Tim Curry as Satan in "Legend" voice) the Little Ceasars pizza portal ... beckons you forth

i saw this fox-themed mural a while ago while traveling and i thought people might like it

(you know what'd be even better though? $16,666!! YOU KNOW WHAT'D BE EVEN BETTER, though not quite as traditionally satanic?? OUR GOAL OF $24,000!! Pre-order our queer demon smut artbook today! #nsfw

I love when eagles fans say β€œgo birds” because I, with no horse in that particular race, can sit back and agree that yes, birds should be praised and encouraged

I want to use Bower because it has a cute logo but they say not to use it anymore 😒

Totally forgot that I bought on a whim

ych: your character as one of the weird little CGI bowling pin cartoons they show after you bowl

tired: i write bad code
wired: [cyberpunk hacker voice] computers were bad already. my code just lifts the veil

anyone got any money they wanna give me without anything in return?

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