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cleaned the refsheet up a bit, enjoy!

Feel free to draw him doing anything SFW, NSFW just ask and I will probably say go for it and send you the after-dark edition :3

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Furry art, non-sexual male nudity 

“Tafatafa amoron-drano”
(Waterside chit-chat)

Commission for Utunu.

#ErkhyanArt #FurryArt #Art_NSFW

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Link to ebay, fursuit 

Please boost!!! :boost_requested:
Selling my lovely Angel dragon Fursuit head on eBay and all profit will go towards refunding my fursuit commissioners because I am too mentally exhausted to work on those

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Everyone loves movies made by billion dollar companies with a lot of power that talk about how billion dollar companies with a lot of power are bad

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I'm gonna spam the entire Earth with poly positivity until my time on this mortal stone has run out

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I just realized that in Majora's Mask Link falls into a tree to enter Termina so the forest he was in at the start might be the same hub world from Nightmare Before Christmas

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New sona for disability things!! None of my sonas have any of the conditions that i do so i figured i'd make one that does

This Boba Milk Tea (Boba, Milks)

he's trans and also:

⭐️Chronically Stupid

⭐️Always Sleepy

⭐️Needs to be on oxygen sometimes

⭐️Doesnt have his left lower leg

⭐️Is sorry he doesn't understand you and you can't understand him

🎨 by @SunnySockeye

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Nsfw art 

Little doodle for @muttmusk !! <3
Wanted to practice drawing my gryff

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just when you thought the new google suite logos couldnt get worse.....heres the favicon for gmail,

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Fursuit Picture 

oh hello my first Friday on this instance

Horseshoe theory except the two ends are horny and sad

Mh - 

You ever have people sincerely ask you how you're doing and that makes you introspective and second-guess your neutral or positive emotions and spiral down? That's me all the time.

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@Dracodare made this chart, reply if you want to be put on it. if you're not a mutual I'll still try to find a place on it for you.

cw: it's about vore

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belly maw, 🎃, updated 

fixed the weird tiny leg lmao

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