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cleaned the refsheet up a bit, enjoy!

Feel free to draw him doing anything SFW, NSFW just ask and I will probably say go for it and send you the after-dark edition :3

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Just needs the neck sewn to the head, eyes, hair fluffs and a full jaw set! This bad boy will be debuting during Halloween, after this one I'll be updating my site for lower prices and better examples❤️

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Ec, multiple eyes 

:boost: :BoostOK:
Art commissions open!
headshot/icon: $10
Bust: $15
Half body: $20
And full body: $30
Each is fully shaded and colored, complex backgrounds are an extra + $5

It's fat bear week please appreciate me

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SFW furry art, needle, HRT 

On Wednesdays

We :dizzy_trans: SPARKLE :dizzy_trans:

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Asking for financial help, boosts encouraged 

Hey friends,

As you probably know I lost my job. I won’t get unemployment benefits until next month so I have no income this month. I’ve tried to manage my money to the best I can but unfortunately it’s still going to be real rough to get through October.

So yeah, I need money to make sure I’ll be able to pay my rent, and to make sure I’ll be able to afford food.

I would appreciate any financial help I can get, even if it’s only a little bit.

You can donate to me through PayPal:

Or through Ko-fi:

And in any case, just a boost will already go a long way! So if you want I’d really appreciate it if you boosted this post.

Thank you very much <3

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money problems / boost OK 

My roommates and I need to come up with a *lot* of money for the deposit on our next place. We're not sure how, or if, we can manage to pull it off, but we have no choice. We need to move.

If you can afford to help us out, you can reach out to @hyrgan for commissions (their art is very good, you won't be disappointed) or if you just wanna donate, here's a link to my PayPal. I'd greatly appreciate it

(please ignore my deadname oh god)

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Commission Post 


My roommates and I are trying to get into a new apartment and did you know that rent and deposits are Very Expensive? Please help out... By commissioning me!

Contact me at

Details below!


Yeah I couldn't watch more than a couple of minutes of that debate

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Suggestive, gentle vore-like threat 

Commission for @rezzish ! Beadle, the snake, belongs to me!

This was SUPER fun to work on, thank you so much again!!!

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dragon's hobby is posting pet videos of her kobolds online like "look at the weird position i found my kobold sleeping in, look at him twitching he's having the 'running' dream"

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Mh + 

Thank you everyone for helping me turn my day around :blobcathug:

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re: Mh, ph, - 

Piling some good old insecurity and depression on top and it's here: my worst day in weeks

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