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Song of the Day!

Jefferson Starship - We Built This City

An uplifting song to hang in there for a little longer... And the official video is just hilarious!

Aaaaaand now I have to download the entire Journey discography...

I've been missing for a while around these lands and I even missed some people...
The first thing I want to do once I'm back here is to dedicate a song for someone that might read this, and that had a couple rough months lately...
You're great and you're gonna be just fine :)

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let's program a server server. a server that serves servers
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Do you know The Try Guys?

Have you seen Eugene's coming out video?
It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yan

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Decided to clean this up and turn it into my pride icon instead

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You ever have the dumbest idea for a sketch and you're like "Fine I'll draw it"

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I'm learning to let go of all the preconceived concepts of "how to draw" that I've learned all through the years and just

drawing for the sake of drawing it

I love expressiveness and sometimes you just gotta forget about "drawing correctly" to get the expression you need

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@roxy please, Dr. World was my father, call me Mario

-Song of the day-

I have been on an quiet, relaxed mood lately, so today's song has been chosen accordingly. It was written by the phenomenal jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck, in the Spring of 1964 while touring Japan with his quartet.

In his own words: "For centuries artists have painted Mount Fuji as the soul of Japan. Flying alongside Fuji-san on our way to Nagoya, it was evident that the majesty of this awesome mountain had not been exaggerated. I tried to imagine a pilgrim up the slope of Fuji and wrote a pastorale-like theme, Fujiyama.

The snail does all he can
But oh, it takes him quite a while
To climb great Fuji-san"

Dave Brubeck - Fujiyama:

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Look here, folks. I'm not Ace, but holy crap, you folks hating on my friends who are better rethink some choices. Ace/Aro friends? I'm behind you 💯. You can ALWAYS find support from this kitsune. Hang in there, friends.

Song of the day:
I love this song for when it's raining, or specially melancholic days...

Tom Waits - Alice

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Hey! Here's all the Shield Cat main characters I've drawn so far, from left to right we have Trent, Parker, Claire, Lance, Suzette, and Olivia!!

You can find out more about my game Shield Cat by going to my Patreon page:

Thanks 🧡

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Hey, you. Yes, you. Specifically you; the person reading this. You're valid. You're valid as fuck. You may think that applies to anyone reading this and sure, it does, but that doesn't make you any less valid.

Now go out there and be yourself. Or be a better version of yourself. Or be whoever the fuck you want to be. It's your decision, and whatever you choose to do today is valid. Just like you.

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two men enter, two men leave because it turns out both of them tried out alternate genders but realized they just preferred expressing their maleness in different ways and that’s perfectly okay
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I haven't posted about her in a while so here's a reminder about Suzette. She's a leopard gecko who can summon rocks out of the air to throw them at Lance. Can you dodge them or break them? Or maybe send them back?

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