my partner tells me it's "weird" that I would shove my muzzle into her pit and blow raspberries in her fat.

I art...sometime.

I'm like, massively shy? The whole system (generally) has a *thing* about photos and art too, in that we'd prefer to be unobserved and unseen, BUT ALSO it'd be nice to own at least _one_ properly *me* pieces.

gay balloon life 

it's been real swell even if i put myself under a lot of pressure sometimes. u3u

apropos of nothing 

I might not support the institution of royalty but I'm willing to be a pillow princess here and there.

gaining thoughts 

every now and again my partner will send me smut of creatures that resemble me (except huge) and I just CANNOT stop sweating.


I'm less of a feeder and more of an indulger, which is kind of a problem in the sense that there's a lot more splash damage than I initially expected.

what if i just haven't spent enough time being stoned, gay, chubby, and happy, in no particular order. like maybe that's an important time to have a lot.

in spite of the hellworld what if my life just kept on getting better???

sex things 

wild how i thought hrt had permanently damaged my libido and it turns out it was just that for the past 18 months or so i was just too physically and mentally destroyed to actually act on basically any feeling i had.

got my revenge by tickling my partner senseless today


Kind of disappointed that recent events make mushing up the faces of friendly animals I meet is probably ill-advised.

So I'm just gonna resort to pulling on people's tails u3u

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morning MOOds 

woke up from a dream about bullying some small and squeaky friends, which is so rare...


Every time I have a Legit Gaining Thought I have to like, take a deep breath and go be blushy somewhere.

trope followup 

"tie me up so I don't srift away" fuck that I'm cutting my tether so I fly away and embrace my destiny as a horny, drifting vagabond.

One week passes and I'm laying tangled on someone's roof, startling a homeowner who didn't expect it to start raining gays

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tired: "reforming after a day"

wired: intimate moment where a friend or partner slowly puts my rubbery hide back together piece by piece over the course of a few hours while we watch tv or whatever

There's like a 70% chance that when my wife and I wake up that I roll over and tickle her.

plaintive mooing 

I don't wanna get out of bed ;3; ;3; ;3;

I got three more hours to go on my shift, but I just wanna crash and go to bed. ;3;

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