Just a reminder that the internet archive, a resource I greatly benefited from for researching furry history, is at risk of being taken down because five publishers that earn billions think they lose money from libraries.

THX for the hint. 👍

Just a detail, the text says: Hachette, HarperCollins, Wiley, and Penguin Random House

Which company is the 5th one?

@khzimmer2 Ah, that's a clerical error on my part, one of the articles I read said it was "Wiley & Sons and three of the FIVE big US publishers" and for some reason, I misread that as five publishers. Apologies for the confusion.

(But for the sake of reference, if it was the big five, the other would have been either Macmillan or Simon & Schuster).

@gamepopper tangential, but I also unironically benefitted a lot from learning about the history around my main kink! I had a friend who was in the kink community decades ago, and they passed on their firsthand knowledge to me

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