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Guess I should do an since I see @cosmo do one.

I'm Gamepopper, late-20s, he/him, furry based in the north of England.

My profession is a games programmer. Used to make but now work full time for an established game studio/publisher.

Along with and , I'm into film animation and history, but have interests in a lot engineering, tech, and software.

Happy to meet you all!

How is it possible that art forgery is a crime, and yet there are people defending AI producing art that looks similar to real world artists?


Elon Musk is one of the founders of OpenAI, creators of DALL·E. They poured a billion dollars into pushing us towards a future of automated art built off the backs of countless artists who will never benefit from it.


TIL there are Wendy's in the UK, and they're pretty good.

First time in an easyHotel, and it's just like the travel company: the barest of bare minimums for an allowable experience.

I survived one hour of Fursuiting outdoors today, Maybe I'm old and more comfortable in colder temperatures, but I don't know how fursuiters outside the UK can handle the heat.

Nope, nope. Mmm mmm, mmm mmm. No. No no no. Hell no! I refu-NO!

Early morning sightseeing around London is my reward for the worst bus experience of my life.

I did forget my conbadge though, so furries be on the lookout for a purple hooded zombie.

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After waiting for over three hours for a coach that's meant to be a Megabus, and then driving over six hours with barely any sleep and no food other than grapes...

I finally made it to London for and

Another Megabus arrived and told us that our coach isn't even a proper MegaBus, just a white hire coach, so no wonder there is no communication.

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We were kicked out of Shudehill Interchange and told to wait at a bus stop nearby...

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Got word from a Megabus driver going on a different journey, turns out there was a motorway accident that's causing our bus to be two hours behind.

Shame, but at least someone from Megabus knows what's going on.

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If I had known existed, I would have used them instead.

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This is terrible, people here are waiting in Manchester for a to London for 40 minutes now.

No word on if it's cancelled or disrupted, and the Twitter account isn't replying either.

TIL In Teenage Dirtbag, the jock in the school carries a gun around... Read the lyrics.

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