I finished reading @makyo's story Qoheleth yesterday. It was quite the ride, so thanks to @starkatt for mentioning it a couple of weeks ago!

Lack of sleep may have contributed, but I ended up thoroughly in tears at one point. Funny way to say I enjoyed something, perhaps, but there we are :P


Casual review-y thing, 176 words 

I really enjoyed the blend of sci-fi, furry, and everyday queerness, and about the worst I can say is that I'll have to read it again because I think I missed a few things.

Characters using virtual reality to inhabit true-er (and furry-er) versions of themselves was always going to be a premise I'd like, but it's the little details that really made it. Claws-on-surface noises, ear movements, tail/chair logistics, and so on; I always love these sorts of background descriptions. Possibly my favourite detail was the origin story for one of the character's handles (though I feel like explaining might spoil it).

On top of that, a couple of things really struck a chord for me as a therian, like an aside that someone has “an avatar free of humanity” for when they're not being anthro. What I wouldn't give :P
One of the characters uses it/its too, which is neat.

Anyhow, sci-fi, identity, and foxes, what more could anyone ask? :P
CWs: [consensual] splitting and merging of personalities, some dreamy wibbly-reality stuff, allusion to suicide.

@fudge_the_sphinx I'm still thinking about a fennec lapping at a cup of coffee :)

Casual review-y thing, 176 words 

@fudge_the_sphinx oh gosh, thank you so much! May I boost?

re: Casual review-y thing, 176 words 

@makyo Feel free, and thanks for writing the book in the first place!

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