Okay, okay, I'll get on the Magic colours bandwagon :P
⚠️​ thread incoming

I'm unfamiliar with MtG, so my understanding is derived from the article mentioned here: vulpine.club/@starkatt/1041227
I had fun with this as a prompt for introspection, but I like that the article calls it an "intuition pump", or "wrong-but-useful".
I.e I'm not taking this very seriously :3



Parody of scientific writing, artistic license, third person 

Subject instructed to write down key elements of its personality, then provided with data-recording device and unlimited period to think.
Subject then told to re-read above article and make notes of each colour's key aspects.
Next, subject instructed to annotate list of personal elements with correlation for each colour, -1 for antithetical, 0 for neutral, 1 for agreement.
Finally, subject told to annotate each element with weight, 2 for "important", 1 for "less-important".
Results calculated by summing products of colour correlations and weights.
Ethics board unavailable, owing to bank holiday.


Long thread continues 

Features I included:
- liking the weird, finding normalcy and routine boring (+BRU -WG)
- enjoying learning and tinkering for fun (+U)
- morality, due to emotional responses, rather than a grander idea of "right" (+G)
- being introspective (+UG -R)
- desire to be "nice", "nice" tending to be defined externally (+WG)
- trying to avoid emotional biases, be realistic, avoid ego (+WUBG -R)
- conflict aversion (+G -BR)
- risk aversion (+WBG -R)
- belief that honesty and openness are advisable (+WUR -B)
- enjoying a bit of chaos, now and then (+R -WG)

Weighted sum: U8 G5 W2 B2 R-2
I guess the low R score is amusing?
I do overthink a lot, and I've recently been thinking I don't allow for enough spontaneity.

Overall, I think I could kind of derive any answer I want, the archetypes seem open to interpretation.
Maybe that's sort of the point?
(The last draft might have been better; the closing line was "maybe I'm evil after-all?" :P )


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re: MTG personality colors 

@fudge_the_sphinx So blue-green maybe? Cool! =^.^=

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