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It seems like interesting discussions go on around here, so I've set up shop as an experiment in actually interacting (for once).

I value weirdness and find odd points of view interesting.
Art, philosophy, and tinkering are things I enjoy.
I doodle daily (not that I plan to post many here).
Cats are very good :blobcattea:

I'm rarely at ease in conversation, so expect some awkwardness.
If I screw up, please tell me (politely)!

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To expand on the therian comment in my bio... (long-ish, 123 words) 

I seem to have a persistent desire to be less human, it's weird and hard to explain!
Since ~2017 it's manifested as wanting my exterior to be mountain-lion shaped.
Human hardware is disappointing, I've wanted a tail since forever, and I'm intermittently sad I'm not a cat.

It seems this isn't so uncommon among Furries, and trans Furries especially.
"Therian" might be the word, but it seems to mean different things to different groups.
I've seen its use often bound up with spirituality, which doesn't apply to me.
Thus, I'm cautious about using it.

There seems to be some talk about this stuff on Furry instances, so I'm hoping to discuss it a bit.

I set out to draw kobolds, but then this happened. I quite like the result anyway.
(about thirty minutes scribble)

Are all musicians eastern dragons?
'Cos they sure do a lot of noodling.

This is a piece of speculative doodling about what it'd look like if computers were built around their own written language and stack-oriented programming, including a hello world of sorts. Loosely inspired by Marain and Forth.

I spent about an hour and forty minutes on this, I hadn't expected there to be so much in the concept to explore.

Oh hey, it's snowing here!
Not settling, but big fluffly flakes. They're rather pretty.

CW: drawn cat eye contact

Pixel art from a couple of days ago. Getting faces to look right in small resolutions is hard!
(about twenty minutes pixel-ing)

[edit: fix awkward wording)

Bad songwriting, silly nonsense 

[to be sung by trans lesbian Gloryhammer or something]

Walking into town one day,
Off to get my shopping,
I saw a big flash mech,
A-walking down the street,

And she was havin' a spot o' bother,
With a pack of robot ninjas,
Her trans pride stickers,
Were flashin' in the sun!

Twin spike of plasma cannon,
Sent the robots on the run,
And they agreed,
She had surely won!

So they made another date,
For another time,
Probably next Saturday,
'bout half past one.

Just after lunch,
Just after lunch,
Just after lunch,
When the meal is done.
*bites melodramatically into sandwich*

Random background thought, DIY electronics 

What if a little musical keyboard with a microcontroller doing synthesis, a crystal-radio-style piezo earpiece (minimal power use), powered by a super-capacitor with a solar charging setup? Perpetually available noodling!

“What could I run off a super-cap?” seems to be a recurring theme lately.

How do I even dragons?
Especially noodles, they're so... noodley.
(about fifteen minutes scribbling)

pixel art, food 

I recently had a go at drawing a giant space doughnut using a tile editor and a custom tileset; I thought it might make for an interesting style. It didn't work out too well, mostly because I didn't get on with the editor's limitations.

Today's doodle is a second attempt at the general concept, but I just drew everything with an image editor. I was thinking in terms of the limitations of tile rendering as I went, so in theory it should be possible to build something that'd do this better than a generic bitmap editor.

Anyhow, I'm quite pleased with the result, even if it did take *two* *hours*! O.o
(the tiny version in the top left was the initial layout of the tiles, BTW)

food mention 

So what did you do once you'd finished with work stuff, Fudge?
I uhh... spent two hours drawing a doughnut?

...not what I'd have predicted when I woke up this morning, but I explored some new stylistic elements and like the result, which seems like a decent outcome.

doodle, cartoon/videogame firearms 

I thought there was a pun in something something fighting my inner demons (i.e. wrestling low moods and such) with the visual being me dressed up in the Doom marine's outfit. I'm not sure the joke works so well *and* I typo'd it, but whatever. It's been a bit of a rough day so I'm just gonna post it as is.

Continuing my pixel art spree...
I was wondering what to draw when I happened upon a photo of a fox, and suddenly my path became clear.
(about 25 minutes pixel-ing)

Ooh, before I miss the opportunity presented by dragon appreciation day: I do appreciate that my timeline has dragons.
Dragons are good, please continue to dragon.

Arc flash, passing mention of death 

In catching up with yesterday's welding tales, I had to look up what exactly an arc flash is.

Someway down the Wikipedia article is this comment, talking about arc blast: “category-4 arc-flash protection [...] is unlikely to protect a person from the concussion of a very large blast, although it may prevent the worker from being vaporized by the intense light of the flash.”


I'll uhh, just increment my respect-for-high-voltage-high-current-installations counter, I think.

Space adventure in three colours!

This is the product of seven days of doodles (each one being a 32x32 or 64x32 tile) totalling almost two hours of pixel-shuffling. It's been fun playing with pixel art, it's not something I've done much of.

My mischief the past couple of days has been writing a little command-line Mastodon client. I wanted a thing that'd remember where on the timeline I'd got to and play well with the particular way I use Mastodon.

In 523 lines of Python it supports:
- reading home timeline
- resuming from the last read post
- viewing threads
- bookmark+favourite
- showing media captions
- calling external media viewers
- ASCII art polls+voting
...and that's pretty much it.

I'm quite please with it.

Hi ho, hi ho,
It's back to work I go,
Don't like this job,
But it could be worse,
Hi ho.

Short-story-ified video game run [2/2], robot death, minor swearing, 198 words 

The chatter of the concourse faded behind me, replaced by the hum of fission reactor units as I hid in a maintenance shaft to collect my wits. A repair drone whirred past outside and the automatic door hissed open. I glanced out into a large room, and my power unit snagged as I looked between two reactors straight into the optics of a reprogrammer. I panicked.
It was gonna blow my cover!
It was gonna scramble my systems!

I did the sensible thing, fired up my blasters, and blew the smug scumbag's powercore clean out. Then I did the bad thing, hefted my rocket launcher, and before I could stop myself I'd dumped it the firing code. My processor overclocked, and the rocket seemed to hang in the air, hovering between two sleeping dragons of fission. I spent all my cycles on hope. A tailfin brushed a coolant pipe, just for a microsecond, and suddenly there was no room left.

My processor resumed to the sound of my shell pinging from dissipating heat. The traitorous door had been entirely vaporised, and all I could see beyond was a vast crater. My stealth mission was well and truly blown.

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Short-story-ified video game run [1/2], robot death, minor swearing, 191 words 

I was all set for sneaky-sneaky, decked out with advanced sensor modules. The backdoor into the factory complex took me past the external defences, and their miserable guard grunt didn't even have the optics to see me slide past. I jacked into a backroom terminal, unnoticed, and downloaded the local map. Skipping through hidden passages and backrooms, I skirted telltale sensor dead-zones. I didn't see any of the surveillance drones, but the factory thrummed with maintenance bots.

My way forward was blocked by a major thoroughfare, the hustle of sensor blips was obvious, even through a concrete wall. I could take my chances with the corridor patrols, or blast my way into the next room.

One smoking hole later, I was in another backroom with a terminal in the corner. The terminals' owner gave me a long stare as it paged in an emergency subroutine, then hit the lockout and screamed out of the room in a haze of hot rubber tires. Bastard. Intruder alarms sounded, and I knew a security team would be headed my way. I did the only reasonable thing and booked it back the way I'd come.

mh~, unexpected productivity 

Another evening of low moods conquered via the dual prongs of cartoons and video-game explosions!

As an unexpected silver lining, I did accidentally write a short story* - procrastinating about going to bed is a powerful force.

*I'll try and get it edited and posted tomorrow, it might give someone a laugh.

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