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It seems like interesting discussions go on around here, so I've set up shop as an experiment in actually interacting (for once).

I value weirdness and find odd points of view interesting.
Art, philosophy, and tinkering are things I enjoy.
I doodle daily (not that I plan to post many here).
Cats are very good :blobcattea:

I'm rarely at ease in conversation, so expect some awkwardness.
If I screw up, please tell me (politely)!

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To expand on the therian comment in my bio... (long-ish, 123 words) 

I seem to have a persistent desire to be less human, it's weird and hard to explain!
Since ~2017 it's manifested as wanting my exterior to be mountain-lion shaped.
Human hardware is disappointing, I've wanted a tail since forever, and I'm intermittently sad I'm not a cat.

It seems this isn't so uncommon among Furries, and trans Furries especially.
"Therian" might be the word, but it seems to mean different things to different groups.
I've seen its use often bound up with spirituality, which doesn't apply to me.
Thus, I'm cautious about using it.

There seems to be some talk about this stuff on Furry instances, so I'm hoping to discuss it a bit.

Neurodivergent things, I guess (~) 

The frustrating duality of spending two weeks not really wanting to do anything, when even videogames feel like kind of a chore at times, and then suddenly “you know what? I'm gonna teach myself complex numbers and implement the fast Fourier transform, because that seems fun and sensible!”

What even are brains? :P

FFT refinements 

Phew, FFT optimised from 0.024s for 50 iterations to 0.014s (caching trig functions and combining the first two iterations into a special case that saves redundant imaginary number calculations). I think that's all the tricks I can throw at it, my brain is thoroughly frazzled, and I should be in bed already, so I guess I'll call that done!

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Possibly I should have used the non-work part of the day for chores, but what I actually did was write up a draft “how to implement the fast Fourier transform” and then actually implement it and debug the scumbag. Against all expectations, I now have a program that can draw a frequency display while playing an audio file!

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TLDR: maths is weird as fuck, and I'm still scared of it.

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Maths and programming, weekend project outcomes 

It appears I just spent the weekend sidetracking myself into trying to learn how to write my own fast Fourier transform. I can't quite manage *that* (yet), but I think I'm nearly there. The maths is... bizarre and thoroughly mind boggling, but apparently I can do basic complex number things now. Lots of it seems to amount to recursively dividing audio into odd and even samples, and multiplying by a helix (I'm not kidding; I'm pretty sure e^-i*2*pi*n/N draws a helix if you plot the two axes of the complex number as x and y and n as z).

As sidetracking goes, that was surprisingly fun, and this new knowledge seems like it might be useful in future, so I'll take it!

...also, non-fast [discrete] Fourier transforms are surprisingly easy and short to implement, which is neat.

Web gripes 

It's hard to overstate how sick I am of going to websites — especially non-corporate websites — and getting “Javascript is required to run this app”.

I want a webpage, not an app! Static text and images, please.

When, on occasion, I bother to stick around and enable JS, very often all I get *is* a static webpage. But generally with the added bonus of sitting there using most of a CPU core and making my PC toasty and sluggish.

May those responsible for the uneccessary use of this pathetic excuse for technology please burn in the raging fires caused by their feckless creation!

Programming grossness 

Rust compiler documentation: "Supported debuggers [...] We have our own fork of GDB”
...I have a bad feeling about this.

Out of context nonsense 

“Every girl pretends she's a nuclear reactor sometimes” - Partner-fox (2022)

2022 just arrived here, not sure if it's gonna be another cheap knockoff yet. We'll have to see how it goes :P

(Best wishes for the new year!)

Does anyone happen to know what the origin of the cat blob emoji (:blobcat::blobcattea::blobcat3c: etc)​ is? (I've had a search around without managing to turn anything useful up)

Decided I'd try and polish this into a “finished” thing.

This version was put together in SunVox. The instruments are some of the bundled example instruments with tweaks and some post-processing. I was mostly focusing on trying to get a reasonable mix, though honestly I have very little idea of how mixing and mastering are supposed to work.

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Here's what it looked like in the editor (apparently I was wrong, looks like it was three piano parts):

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I finally got around to writing some more music with my latest editor!

This piece started off by asking the tool for eight random notes, then just improvising variations and voices to add to it. I'm moderately happy with this!

Looks like it didn't blow up. They didn't even knock the bottom off when the SRBs separated, so they're doing better than most of my KSP designs.

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It's not something I'd probably have payed attention to otherwise, but Partner-fox has the JWST launch livestream on in the background. I think we're at about T-30minutes now.

re: Vaccination 

That went basically like the second dose, except I got a bit more sleep. I spent the night with chills and then the day with aches and fatigue and general feeling-ill stuff.

I seem to feel pretty much fine now I've had another night's sleep (i.e. it took about 24 hours to clear), so thank goodness for that!

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Booster (Pfizer) get, let's see what how the side effects go this time.

Why isn't there a blobcatmadscience yet, anyway?
...I should probably make that happen sometime.

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