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It seems like interesting discussions go on around here, so I've set up shop as an experiment in actually interacting (for once).

I value weirdness and find odd points of view interesting.
Art, philosophy, and tinkering are things I enjoy.
I doodle daily (not that I plan to post many here).
Cats are very good :blobcattea:

I'm rarely at ease in conversation, so expect some awkwardness.
If I screw up, please tell me (politely)!

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To expand on the therian comment in my bio... (long-ish, 123 words) 

I seem to have a persistent desire to be less human, it's weird and hard to explain!
Since ~2017 it's manifested as wanting my exterior to be mountain-lion shaped.
Human hardware is disappointing, I've wanted a tail since forever, and I'm intermittently sad I'm not a cat.

It seems this isn't so uncommon among Furries, and trans Furries especially.
"Therian" might be the word, but it seems to mean different things to different groups.
I've seen its use often bound up with spirituality, which doesn't apply to me.
Thus, I'm cautious about using it.

There seems to be some talk about this stuff on Furry instances, so I'm hoping to discuss it a bit.

Who knew telephone wires could stretch like this?
(about twenty minutes scribbling)

Yesterday's doodle (about twenty minutes painting).
I like how this came together.

I had a bad yesterday with physics engine maths; joints are a pain to implement.
I'm *so* sick of undefined Greek symbols appearing out of nowhere in maths texts!
(25 minutes scribbling)

There's been weather here.
I haven't been in a proper powercut for ages!
Playing DS games by candlelight was... odd, but pleasant.
(about 25 minutes scribbling)

NASA said my proposal was short on scientific deliverables, but was the highest score they'd ever seen.
(About half an hour's scribbling)

Today's doodle is a house made of trees.
This is a fragment of a wider line of thinking, but I kind of want that to go somewhere before I decide whether to post it all or not.
I'm pleased with this bit though!

(about 45 minutes painting)

Here's 25 minutes of scribbled nonsense that emerged from my tired haze of a couple of days ago.

I think there was a glitch in the matrix.
You okay,
*pats server carefully*

Oh, also, here's a spare horse I found down the back of the couch.

(I think I meant to draw Celestia the other day, but apparently didn't)

Ooh, thanks local timeline, I nearly forgot.

Arrrrr, me hearties!
Hand over all ye' stores o' chocolate biscuits and cake, or yer'll be seein' Davy Jones's locker 'fore tonight be over!

Or in other words, *opens cat muzzle, emits pirate noises*

Today's doodle is mess because I wanted to see if I could draw with a stylus strapped to my wrist.
Y'know, just in case I ever happen to find some CRISPR unattended or something :P
It took about ten minutes, and a lot of concentration!

Hidden because food.

Good grief I spend a lot of time re-editing drafts of my posts X3

I've a bit of fascination with tiny living spaces.
Places like boat cabins, where every cubic-metre is used efficiently.
Folding beds, raised areas, carefully designed environments.

These two paintings were about three hours of exploring those ideas and having fun with it.

Context free nonsense thought 

Luxury horse communism.

Yesterday's doodle was some wishful thinking, but hopefully it's amusing!
Hidden because references to recent depressing news headlines.

(about an hour's painting)

I didn't know what to draw for today's doodle, so I asked Partner-fox.
That may have been a mistake because all she said was “a worm”.

...wish granted, I guess?
(about five minutes painting)

Also, here's the page of silly diagrams and many many overlapping circles and angles and stuff, because it amuses me.

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It takes 14 lines of code to draw this shape, but it took over an hour to write because maths.

Why is geometry always like this? O.o

I really like Karbik's* mech-dragon-things, and this isn't the first time I've played with my own spin on the idea.
Making them feel a bit alien seemed like a good idea, so I've thrown some extra trilateral symmetry into this sheet!


Trying, once again, to figure out what my policy on follow requests is/should be (because they make me kind of anxious every time).

Maybe I want to be familiar[ish] with people who'll automatically see bits of conversations I'm in?
But then, maybe that means never seeing enough of someone to be familiar?
Most of what I post is publicly visible anyway, do I even care?
*confused cat*

Anyone got any suggestions?

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