Moving largely done, new problem to deal with... lead pipes carrying the drinking water. Time to try and figure out how dangerous this is in use.

I'd forgotten all the weird feelings that come with moving house. You'd think I'd be used to this after doing it every year for getting on toward a decade.

Society, complaining (-) 

Today seems very keen to remind me I live in a society apparently determined to turn itself into some kind of capitalistic and bureaucratic hell. I've lost count of how many pages of legalese I've had to agree to, plus two desperately awful phone conversations. It's not even for anything interesting. Also, why does the local government-run waste facility want to use my details for marketing purposes?

Anyway, for the moment I'm here to clean windows and listen to angry music, and I've got a house full of dirty windows as well as a copy of Seeming's Worldburners EP, so I think I'm set. Grrr.

Went for a walk yesterday evening in that particular golden light that happens when the sun is low and dusk is approaching. It must have been a magical time of evening because there were so. many. cats. Round one block I think we saw 8, and Partner-fox set a personal high score for most cats pet during a walk.

Oops, I read a book with shapeshifting witches in it and now I have Feelings

My afternoon: alternately stressing about life stuff and reading about the mechanics of sanitation systems. The latter has been surprisingly good for reducing my stress levels, there's something kind of exciting about gaining understanding of systems critical to my survival.

No energy for programming today, so I pootled about in art tools tweaking palettes and modelling low poly landscape bits. I need to do something to make the distribution of random objects more reasonable, but the rocks are fun to fly through anyway.

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Oh hey, I'd forgotten about this screenshot. This bug made it look like my plane was going to warp, so I couldn't not screenshot it!

Woa, long time no updates to this thread. Life has been getting in the way again, but also lots of stuff I *have* done hasn't been amenable to pretty screenshots.

New features in this iteration:
- split-screen multiplayer
- tuned flight dynamics
- throttle control
- wingtip speed trails
- collision detection (finally!)

Ignore the green wireframe, I haven't turned collision debugging off yet.

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I have very sensible responses to someone saying “good morning” in chat 

Things like:
The space-based fusion reactor has exceeded 10° elevation and the local aero-fauna are emitting acoustic homing beacons from the extremities of the carbon-reprocessing bio-factories. The new metabolic cycle is well established and we have yet to succumb to entropy, so we rejoice at our continued cognitive functions! took me until half way through to realise XKCD has already used this joke, but then that's true of many jokes.

@vicorva I had fun watching your run of Everything over a few lunches, and would like to commend you on making the correct* decision to turn much of the cosmos into mountain lions :P

*definitions may vary, Fudge LLC accepts no liability for the effects of too many mountain lions

Starting the morning with a cursed file, I think I'll take this as a promising indication ( divination by accidental Unix commands, anyone? :P )

It appears the pavements locally have now reached optimal temperature. The cat loaves are congregating to proof their floof in the warm sunshine.

Sleep (-) 

Ugh, I really don't love having an apparently ok night's sleep and then being tired and muzzy all day anyway. This seems to happen somewhat regularly at the moment.

A diagnostics port would be handy for this. Why don't current bodies come with those?

I'm pretty sure I've seen some variation on this before, but I can't remember where or when.

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Bad pun 

When cows declare “cattle of the world, unite!” that's cow-moo-nism.

@terrana A funny thing happened while watching Star Trek earlier. Some random character walks past camera, and someone says to Worf “ah, that's Terrana*”. And I had to stop and figure out what I'd just heard, and then I burst out laughing and Partner-fox had to ask what the joke was.

I'm a bit deaf today so I thought maybe I'd misheard, but Wikipedia does indeed list a credit for a background character called Tarrana. So your name is *almost* in an episode of Next Generation :P

I'm not a fan of the cartoon water for this setting, so I've been playing with using noise textures to distort other textures. I've got something I really like now!

I've also combined the land and sea into one shader so I can have waves lapping at the shores. The whole world is drawn with one surface, but looks like transparent water atop beaches!

It still runs ok on my ageing laptop, I'm hoping the Pi will cope.

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GLSL snippet, not screen reader friendly 

// The cartoon water fragment shader looks like this
vec3 mix_xyz = texture2D(noise_texture, vertex_texcoord*8.0).rgb;
float mix_input = mix(mix_xyz.x, mix_xyz.y, sin(time)*0.5+0.5)+mix(mix_xyz.y, mix_xyz.z, cos(time)*0.5+0.5);
float sea_mix = clamp((abs(mix_input*0.5-0.5))*20.0, 0.0, 1.0);
vec3 sea_rgb = mix(vec3(0.6, 0.9, 0.9), vec3(0.5, 0.6, 0.9), sea_mix);

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Finally had some energy for this today, I've been iterating on the sea. I wanted to have a go at cartoon water effect and came up with this. I'm taking three different grayscale noise textures, slowly interpolating between each of them, and then drawing a contour around roughly 0.5 brightness.

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