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It seems like interesting discussions go on around here, so I've set up shop as an experiment in actually interacting (for once).

I value weirdness and find odd points of view interesting.
Art, philosophy, and tinkering are things I enjoy.
I doodle daily (not that I plan to post many here).
Cats are very good :blobcattea:

I'm rarely at ease in conversation, so expect some awkwardness.
If I screw up, please tell me (politely)!

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To expand on the therian comment in my bio... (long-ish, 123 words) 

I seem to have a persistent desire to be less human, it's weird and hard to explain!
Since ~2017 it's manifested as wanting my exterior to be mountain-lion shaped.
Human hardware is disappointing, I've wanted a tail since forever, and I'm intermittently sad I'm not a cat.

It seems this isn't so uncommon among Furries, and trans Furries especially.
"Therian" might be the word, but it seems to mean different things to different groups.
I've seen its use often bound up with spirituality, which doesn't apply to me.
Thus, I'm cautious about using it.

There seems to be some talk about this stuff on Furry instances, so I'm hoping to discuss it a bit.

Quick six minute doodle before I go to bed. It's been a slightly anxiety filled day, so this is probably a good time to draw foxes.

A gateway to the universe where all the other people's greener grass is. Think I was in a slightly odd mood when I came up with this idea.

(about fifteen minutes doodle)

Game dev, maths 

Spent a couple of hours trying to solve the equations for fixed joints on rigid bodies again, and oh yikes I have a page of maths too long to manipulate now O.o

I seem to be able to get away with pretending I'm going to merge and un-merge the bodies instead, so I guess I can circumvent the whole mess that way. Then back-calculate the impulses if I need them. I'd say third time's the charm, but I've lost count of how many times this problem has had me stumped before today.

Writing my own physics engine seemed like a good idea... at some point lost in the mists of memory! :P

Today's doodle, hot off the graphics tablet!

After @terrana describing a society of space-faring ferrets, I couldn't *not* draw them. And then I got a bit carried away with detailing and shading... oops. Who needs bedtimes anyway? :P

This must be the first proper painted-ish thing I've done for a while now.

(about an hour and twenty-five minutes painting)

I watched Spirited Away with Partner-fox recently, which was a very strange film given my lack of familiarity with Japanese culture, but felt like there wasn't enough dragon in it. So I drew some more dragon!
(quarter of an hour doodle)

Ace day doodle, CW for gambling adjacent prop 

Ace cat for ace day!
(about a quarter of an hour scribble)

(not sure if the CW is needed, but better safe than ruining someone's day)

A random conversation got me thinking about characters with tail-sockets, so here's some universal serial foxes.
(about 25 minutes in all)

Kitty in a hurry!
(five minute doodle, because I *was* in a hurry)

I liked the idea of a very long dragon sleeping in a big tangle.
(about half an hour's doodle)

Jellyfish doodle 

Partner-fox was drawing deep sea creatures when I was looking for ideas, so here's my reinterpretation of one of her pixel art pieces.
CW'd because jellyfish give me the creeps.

(about a quarter of an hour's doodle)

“I had a new case. It was a dark rainy night, and I... was three foxes in a trench coat.”

(A bit more than half an hour's doodling)

Have a random five minute doodle, loosely game design related in origin.

“The world ended not with a whimper, but a loud fwoomp.”

Must have been surreal humour o'clock when I drew this.
(about ten minutes doodling)

Doodle of an appliance on fire 

Partner-fox was worrying about electric heater safety, I think. Not sure how I ended up *here* exactly, but apparently I did.
(about twenty minutes doodling)

Mundanity framed oddly, food related 

I get up, have a drink of water.
And I give my empty porridge bowl a drink too.
Because it's very thirsty.

And its contents will turn to concrete and render it uncleanable if I don't.

Doodle: strangely proportioned foxes. The sketch came first, the pixel art was my second go.
(about five minutes each)

I've had a couple of weeks of having more energy and some projects I'm excited about, so I've been making the most of it. That hasn't really left much time for keeping up here so I'm still about two days behind the timeline.

I'm gonna try hiding boosts for a while to see how that works out. I guess this is basically a toggle from endless content hose to just interactions with a few people I like. Or something like that, anyway.

Right, I've been forgetting to upload doodles here for... yikes, about two weeks. So anyway, time to empty the backlog!

First doodle up: a random protogen (about twelve minutes scribbling).

Actually, why not also have four names each of which is a different injection attack?

Especially the unicode sequence that crashed i-devices for a while.
“I am Fudge □□□□, crasher of i-devices! Looks upon my names, ye mighty and

SEGFAULT, core dumped

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I have found the gender to end all genders*

🔘​ Mr
🔘​ Ms
🔘​ Mx
🔘​ Other:
[ ); DROP TABLE genders; ]

* only ends genders on the current server

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