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It seems like interesting discussions go on around here, so I've set up shop as an experiment in actually interacting (for once).

I value weirdness and find odd points of view interesting.
Art, philosophy, and tinkering are things I enjoy.
I doodle daily (not that I plan to post many here).
Cats are very good :blobcattea:

I'm rarely at ease in conversation, so expect some awkwardness.
If I screw up, please tell me (politely)!

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To expand on the therian comment in my bio... (long-ish, 123 words) 

Text of poem (cw for transformation-adjacency) 

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Today's "doodle" was the illumination (fancy first letter) for this Middle English poem, written, font-designed, and type-set by partner-fox.
About three and half hours painting, plus about the same in fox's Inkscape wrangling, and then more in writing :blobcatgoogly:
(cw for mediaeval-styled werewolf transformation)

Awful computing pun 

After a couple more day's doodling slots, here's a refined version of this. I've decided this is the "finished" version.
About 1 hour 15 minutes painting, open to constructive criticism.

Piano-roll editing thing seems to kind of work now!
A few rough edges need tidying and the synth needs to run faster than treacle (and have other voices), but this has pretty much everything I was aiming for.
:blobcatsurprised:​ efficient(-ish) keyboard-driven editing
:blobcatsurprised:​​ multiple patterns
:blobcatsurprised:​​ load/save .mid files
:blobcatsurprised:​ builtin synth for preview playback
:blobcatsurprised:​ searchable menu thingy
(apologies for the janky screen-grab)


I kind of want to do more with this, but I think I'll post it as a WIP in case I get distracted and don't come back to it!
About 35 minutes painting, open to constructive criticism.

As a break between work and my own programming, here's a comic based on events from today.
Someone turned a tap on downstairs, and the shower turned off!
(About 20 minutes scribbling)

I've been quiet on here today because I've been frantically throwing code together, racing against time before my motivation dries up.

Since Seq24 stopped working, I've not been able to find a good light-weight piano-roll music editor for Linux.
Composing is something I want to put more time into, and having a decent tool would help, so that's what I've started writing (hopefully).

Have a design scribble!

Another reason Electron UIs are annoying: you can't tell if they're a wave or a particle! :blobcattea:

Therian-thinkage (long-ish) 

Posting random puns and such is surprisingly fun, almost regardless of whether anyone is listening.
I guess I just enjoy composing nonsense that makes me laugh, or gets a reaction out of partner-fox.
It's kind of a bonus if someone sees it on a timeline somewhere and gets another laugh out of it!

After yesterday's problems, I did a quick re-paint and iterated over some composition ideas.
This dragon collects forgotten weapons from a bygone age.
Maybe because the radiation is warm, maybe so no-one can use them?

About 45 minutes painting, plus a whole lot of Inkscape-wrangling!
(hidden in case anyone doesn't want to see painted missiles)

Had another go at collaborative painting with partner-fox today (we haven't for a while).
She's not done much art, and it's kind of scary realising how much of painting is something I do without really knowing how or why.

I'm not posting the result because it didn't work out so well, think I need to experiment with colour/value compositions more.
Oh, and think about when *not* to add detail!

"A perfectly ordinary asbestos book cover!"
1960's Batman and Robin clearly live in a strange universe :blobcat3c:

Surely hyenas are odd enough to save the world from a mad AI?
About 2 hours painting, open to constructive criticism.

After several mentions of hyenas I though I should draw some.
This practice scribble got out of paw!
About 25 minutes painting, BTW the filename was "HE-HE".

warning: current sleep levels do not meeting minimum operating requirements.
note: some systems disabled to conserve power, performance may be degraded.

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