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If you know me and you need to reach me offsite for some reason, details are in a followers-only reply to this.

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Triggers [pinned] 

We've got some kind of trauma, we're not sure what, but we think it gave us cPTSD. Anyway.

We get really triggered around anything involving externally changing someone's identity, including mindwipes and the like, and a lot of corruption stuff. (Consent helps a lot here.)

And we get **massively** triggered by person-merging/fusion. Seriously, it's... just, no. Even with consent it still /heavily/ squicks us out (not much else does).

Related to that identity-messing trigger, we also get triggered by things where someone reaches in and messes with somebody else's thoughts, particularly if it's done in a way where you can't tell what thoughts are your own and what was /put/ there.

If you know me and you need to reach me offsite for some reason, details are in a followers-only reply to this.

One side of the pipeline had more stuff on it than the other, so I made a stream balancer. |3

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@Patashu Oh shoot that machine in the top second-from-left has no color input. *facepaws*

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Ridiculously overcomplicated and inefficient, but hey it works! And it's completely modular and extensible!

... I'm actually /relying/ on the pipes backing up to get sufficient color to all the painters. >,,>

[yo @Patashu! :3]

Okay is FUN and I should probably buy the full version huh.

food, bad habits 

Ice cream at lunch because fuck it I'm having ice cream.

Also whether this is actually lunch is debatable given it's 5 PM, but it's the second meal of the day so.

re: desserty food 

I am rather tempted to put some on our ice cream...

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desserty food 

We now have whipped cream [in a spray can] for pie purposes.

I wonder what else we could use it for. :3

Mecha anime but all the mecha are designed with the same energy as wild PC builds: parts that should never have come together in a way that shouldn't work and in a shape that scares god but also it has RGB lights

[we'd source it but um it's one of Kubuntu's preinstalled desktop wallpapers... according to the filename it's by Nicolas Silva]

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re: feral thoughts, writing thoughts 

I have been thinking today about making it a story. a younger girl who meets a wild wolf she has no idea is a recently [willingly] transformed wolfgirl, and they sit while this confused girl vents her feelings and eventually she finds the queer witch and what was done to the wolfgirl. They enact a plan, the girl is happily changed and the two wolfgirls live happy and gay n.n

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feral thoughts 

There is a small brief scene of my life that is a younger me marveling and interacting with a feral/quad critter in furry spaces (Second Life RP in this case), and how i felt then. I didn't know how to react to a feral padding up to me not actually randomly trying to initiate sex in a furry space.
I will always remember spending ~hours~ (as we did/could back then on RP) petting and treating them like i would an animal.
Now later, i have transitioned and transformed into a quad otter and i suddenly realize as i get little bits of RP or folks otherwise treating my life like i did to them... and i realize i wasn't clumsy or aimless. I probably gave this cutie exactly what others have given me. mindshivering affirmation, rushes of such positive, serene feeling.
I don't think i'll ever forget them, tbh.

*flops and makes assorted grumpy wolf noises*

there's a lot of flags i respect, just not this one: 🇺🇸

Wait why is the X button on a post you're replying to above the input box gone?
*clicks where it should be*
*the button clicks, the post goes away*

OH argh Firefox.

I kinda wish Glitch opened/closed all instances of a CWed post at once, like plain Mastodon does.

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