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Moneyrequest, credit card bill / general survival :boost_requested: 

Okay, so our credit card bill is $200 now, and we have $40 in our bank account. $35 in Paypal, apparently. So I guess that's uh, $125 we need, as of this moment. It's due October 19, apparently.

We've been having to spend a lot on transit lately, sometimes to just get out of the tiny box we're trapped in all day, but a lot of the time just to /stay alive./ We don't have AC and when it gets the slightest bit hot outside, we /bake/ in here.

Can any of y'all help keep us afloat? Or boost?

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Starting a regular moneyrequestpost, ongoing survival :boost_requested: 

Hey, so! We can't really do a job due to low and fluctuating spoons meaning we need flexibility that jobs deny. But we still need money to live.

We don't need /much/ money – right now, around $75 a month – but we don't have a way to make /any/ money right now.

I asked how to make money and a critter suggested a recurring moneyrequestpost, so I'm doing that! If you can help out, even a little, we have a paypal:

Or you can commission us! We do pixel art, details at That'd pay for our survival by itself quite handily if we can actually get commissions.

Of course, anything over the bare minimum for survival would be really helpful, so we can do things like exist outside (we have nowhere to go without spending money every time) and get nice things (we need a motherboard for our desktop, our controller stick's starting to go, and picking up a used PS3 or PS4 would be really nice).

And if we can /somehow/ figure out a way to afford rent, maybe we could get out of this hellhole we're living in. (Hah, like that's gonna happen.)

Tag spam time!

Hmf, our DVI-to-HDMI cable breaks DDC/CI for monitor backlight control in software.

(Which by the way, yeah that's a thing! Dunno why desktop environments don't use it.)

Hey, Terraria's half off on Steam! It's like... it's like Minecraft in 2D but made into an RPG? I dunno how to describe it, but it's huge, and it's fun, and it's only $10 /normally/ but right now it's $5.

Also Superhot has a free weekend? We're gonna check that out.

browsing history is not a security problem! not unless you have abusive parents or whatever who might demand access to your computer – but that's a whole other problem.

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Looking at Librewolf, but it seems Opinionated™ and I don't know if I like all the changes. >,,>

Like, WebGL seems useful. And I don't like the whole "it deletes your history on quit by default" – ?????? we /need that???/


Heads up, our updated to 106 beta and it seems to have turned telemetry on without notifying us. Might want to check yours, if like us you use the "developer edition" to not be locked out of the ability to make your own extensions.

...Does the "digital stereo" profile on our sound card mean we can output S/PDIF /through a headphone jack?/ (Maybe convert it to RCA with an adapter?)

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average website when manifest v2 becomes deprecated

I wonder how much of it is just output power. We can crank it up Loud now.

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Still just wowed by our motherboard sound. Did not expect that when upgrading to a desktop!

Is there an open source equivalent of SteamVR Home, i.e. the hub world thing?

'Cause that'd be good for desktop-in-VR with Monado (if we had a headset which we don't).

How are all these alchemists and mages in fiction able to draw perfect circles in the sand freehand?

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