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If you know me and you need to reach me offsite for some reason, details are in a followers-only reply to this.

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Triggers [pinned] 

We've got some kind of trauma, we're not sure what, but we think it gave us cPTSD. Anyway.

We get really triggered around anything involving externally changing someone's identity, including mindwipes and the like, and a lot of corruption stuff. (Consent helps a lot here.)

And we get **massively** triggered by person-merging/fusion. Seriously, it's... just, no. Even with consent it still /heavily/ squicks us out (not much else does).

Related to that identity-messing trigger, we also get triggered by things where someone reaches in and messes with somebody else's thoughts, particularly if it's done in a way where you can't tell what thoughts are your own and what was /put/ there.

abuse-related poetry 

I'm not the kid you wanted
But I'm the kid you got
Well I'm the kid you used to have
But now I'd rather not

Turns out I'm not alone in here
Not alone at all;
You told me I'd be dead out there
But it's not bad at all

Now I've got friends the likes of which
You thought I'd never see;
Friends and loves inside and out
Helping me be free

"Conform to what we tell you to"
or you said I'd end up shunned
Normalcy is for the birds
Being weird is fun

I think you think you're helping us
No, you're /really/ not
Well me, you think I'm alone in here
That's always a strange thought

You broke me time and time again
Never letting me say no
I thought that was the way things were
Didn't think to go

Someday we'll be free of you
Able to spread our wings
Still broken, battered, falling apart
But safe to work on things

The world may not be completely safe
But we can take it on
It's safer without you involved
We'll be glad to be gone.

dirtspace-sex-with-animals hot take 

The reason dirtspace sex with animals isn't okay is about /communication/ and /power imbalances/.

Not about some weird vaguely defined notion of "intelligence level".

Cis-nonhumans aren't dumber than us. They aren't /less/ than us.

The problem is a) that you can't /ask/ them since there's no common language, and b) – this is the really big one, consent could probably be negotiated nonverbally – that in any situation where a human is with an animal, the human will almost certainly have a massive amount of power over the animal.

Even if you could ask them, they might not be able to say no.
They might not /feel like they can/ say no.

...I have firstpaw experience with not feeling like I can say no.

/That's/ the issue. Not brains, not body shape.

psa, discord 

do not upload ANY sensetive media to discord

a new exploit has been discovered where uploading a specific video makes discord's internal video reencoder choke and include parts of its own uninitialized memory (including other images and videos) as the thumbnail
if you have to, use third-party upload tools or send it via other messaging services

just glanced at our QML code and saw "onTriggered", and went "hah, triggered".

[this is JS though]

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trans/gnc-misic etymology 

delete the english language

Testing CWs on an image in the actual CW. We've just been informed that the Masto web client converts it into the post body – this was typed into the actual CW field. Seeing if Glitch does the same thing. 


Terran horribleness, "ack zoophilia!" 

@frostwolf .m
>let's make another e621
>but no animals!!!1!one

re: "ack zoophilia!", long 

These power imbalances aren't inherent to being human and/or in human societies*, by the way.

I think it's our culture in particular, this whole mentality of "animals are inferior/property/otherwise Things to do with as we please" instead of y'know, other living thinking creatures who deserve respect and control over their own lives.

[*I phrased it like this because many of us /aren't/ human *raises paw*, but we still count for this.]

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"ack zoophilia!", long 

someone I'm mutuals with on my main: "what if we made an alternative to e621 that banned cub/zoo/Nazi shit" um


zoophilia* is /not in the same class here/

that's probably code for "anything with fully nonhuman animals in it" (it's not like you can really /represent/ having-sex-with-dirtspace-animals-specifically in art all that easily)

hi uh I'M one of those fully nonhuman animals you're trying to ban

In art, you can take out a lot of the horrible power imbalances that make dirtspace sex with animals wrong. Just like how in vore you can remove the whole "someone actually /dies/" aspect that you'd get if you tried it in dirtspace. Artspace /isn't/ dirtspace and the situation can be different, which subsequently also affects morality in artspace.

Oh and if nobody in-scene is human or human-equivalent then you simply don't have those power imbalances in the /first/ place.

[*on the term "zoophilia" they probably actually mean "actual /sex/ with fully nonhuman animals" as opposed to what it actually is, being /attracted/ to animals.
...unless they do and their net is a whole lot wider. "it has animals in it so you're an evil monster!"
Hi *raises paw* /I'm attracted to wolves./ And I would never force myself on one in dirtspace.]

Me, noticing someone logged on to the muck: Oh, I should give them a minute to settle in before paging hello.

[ I wait what feels like two minutes, then send a note. ]

Response: [ Name ] is 27 minutes idle and may not get back to you soon.

Imagining a handheld, mildly interactive toy intended for a purely tactile/kinesthetic experience. No sound or sight required, or even more than one free hand. Seems like a gosh-send for stimming.

Boundaries can help you carve space in your life for self care. They're important.

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