I just feel like a big nuisance 90% of the time.

This model kit I bought is from... 1979?!? Definitely smells ancient, but still in really good shape.

One item didn't turn up in time. But I guess that'll have to wait.

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Okay, I see your claims that everybody is valid.

But what if everybody but me?

Work social was passable. Left after the food.

kink trashposting but also this unironically 

kink clothes with pockets

Mostly UK releases. At least 10 counterfeit.

Some listings on eBay had titles I wanted but also had a fake in the pile too.

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I have a box of GameBoy Advance carts somewhere in this flat as well as one refurbed SP.

I should find them.

I need to ship some things from my agent. They close in three days (for a damn week) and I'm still waiting for one item to arrive with them.

Not hopeful.

Trans nonsense 

I was only a teen. But thinking back that was some eggy bullshit.

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When I was trying to keep my hair vvv short it felt like it grew so fast. Had to visit the barbers every month.

Now I'm trying to grow it's just So. Damn. Slow. I'm permascruffy.

Trans nonsense 

Shaved my legs. Also moisturized. That ordeal is now done for like, three/four days maybe.

Had a flashback in the bath to how fucking stoked I was when I first shaved my face. Enjoyed how smooth it was.

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