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bread levels are 01% and steady

(01%) □□□□□□□□□□

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hate it when my eyes are glistening and sparkling with impish delight, every day this happens

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Signalise is a platform co-op that enables users to request and book interpreting services. Its democratically owned by deaf people, health staff and interpreters. This year they raised £330,000 pounds of investment in a crowdfunding campaign, exceeding their target by 10%.

It has now won the bid to become the main service provider for sign language interpreter services for the National Health Service in Liverpool, the fifth largest city in the country.


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A quick side project: A PCB "caution hot" sign to indicate if something is still hot and shouldn't be touched (accidentally).
It was definitely not constructed because of a small incident :P
KiCad project and Gerber files: github.com/LeoDJ/Caution-Hot-P

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Great to see "How to Fork a Book: The Radical Transformation of Publishing" by Mark Marino and Sarah Ciston - about their fork of Aesthetic Programming by me and Winnie Soon! markcmarino.medium.com/how-to-

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If you’re using elementary OS 6 (Odin), remember that if you want *non-curated* apps (i.e., apps that haven’t been created specifically for elementary OS) to integrate well with your system (e.g., dark mode, etc.) do NOT install them via AppCenter, use apt instead.

#elementaryOS #odin #tip

CA recall election 

It seems like Joel Ventresca is the most progressive candidate (self proclaimed berniecrat who has worked with environmental groups and SEIU) but he doesn’t have any momentum /:

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we're seeing coolness levels at about 12%

(12%) ■□□□□□□□□□

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"Many years ago, very powerful doctors (mainly psychiatrists) with vested interests made it their job to make ME/CFS a psychosomatic illness. To do that they produced a fraudulent study called PACE.


We’ve been fighting for 13 years to have this overturned and after three years of EXTREMELY RIGOROUS, SCIENTIFIC process, NICE agreed that ME/CFS is a real, biological, very serious, systemic disease and those therapies are dangerous and must be removed."


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0-3 months, you are pregnant
3-6 months, you are preggers
7 months, you are pregchamp
8 months, you are pregagnent
9 months, you are babypilled

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anyway here is a reminder that if you are cis and looking for ways you can be a Good Trans Ally, please join me in this endeavor by questioning every single entity behind registration forms that require you to declare m or f. talking points include:
* why do you need this information?
* will you be verifying this with an ID check of some sort, and is that consistent regardless of someone's appearance?
* what options do you provide for someone who cannot answer either m or f?

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ableism, r-slurs and ableist language inside 

something very glaring in language shifts is how they can reveal ways of thinking

when 'retarded' dropped out of common use, it wasn't because attitudes were being changed towards disability, it was because it became a bad look to use that specific slur

you would see 'retarded' become 'stupid', 'dumb', 'idiotic', etc. it was just a simple switch out while the implied meaning stayed exactly the same

it was always, "this person is doing this because they have a defective/damaged/incorrect/weird brain". the thought process was never deconstructed. it wasn't enough for something to be incorrect, harmful, bigoted, disagreeable, etc., it would always be made to land right back on ableism

ableism is ingrained in thought and language. it is systemic. it needs to be actively deconstructed, or it will just continue to be unconsciously promoted

-- demon dog :white_heart:

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hey yall im sam and im desperate. i recently lost my freelance contract after a deep depression and im two months behind on rent and facing eviction. my checking is in the red and i need a bit of money so i can get basic food and renew hosting on my portfolio site so i can find more work, and make progress towards paying my balance on my late bills

if you can spare anything, you can send it my way through

paypal: tgrehawi@gmail.com
cashapp: $digitalcreature

every bit helps!! <3

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Fellow instructors, the Fall semester is going to inevitably spin out of control. May we all LISTEN to our students & what they have to say. We might be the only ones in our messed up school systems who do hear them.

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global warming 

From a guardian article about the leaked section of an upcoming IPCC report:

"The top 10% of emitters globally, who are the wealthiest 10%, contribute between 36 and 45% of emissions, which is 10 times as much as the poorest 10%, who are responsible for only about three to 5%, the report finds. “The consumption patterns of higher income consumers are associated with large carbon footprints. Top emitters dominate emissions in key sectors, for example the top 1% account for 50% of emissions from aviation,” the summary says."

We've said this before but we'll say it again:

If you talk about how "we" are "destroying the planet" or how "humanity" is responsible for global warming, you are effectively covering up the fact that *specific* people have taken *specific* actions to create this situation.

Those people are overwhelmingly white & overwhelmingly wealthy.

To act like it's "everyone's" responsibility is effectively victim blaming.

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global warming cont. 

It's equally important to note that those outside the global elite live in a world largely *designed* by this elite. So when someone in "the middle" takes an international flight to visit family, for example, no, they do not share equal responsibility with everyone else who got on a plane that day.

A transnational capitalist flying on business, a european homeowner flying on vacation, & an immigrant worker being deported might each take up one seat, but their roles in creating the *world* in which people travel by plane or any other means are enormously different.

Both complicity & resistance can happen at all levels of society but when a lot of white progressives & people who think like white progressives talk about this shit they are very quick to re-impose white universalism when that viewpoint is largely responsible for the plethora of genocides & ecocides we're currently in the middle of.

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