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New display port cable ordered, one being returned! Noticed a bit of flickering during a game today and narrowed it down.

Display technology is so neat and WOW


Co streaming with & (it's his 1st time playing EVER!) right NOW


Doing any type of return is always stressful, for no reason.

Places that make it zero hassle, or do-able from my phone are true MVPs!


My current mental health state, as depicted in one image


New 3d print for my trackers came out awesome! I derped and wasted about 36% more filament.

I forgot to check my slicer layer settings and my walls were set to 7 πŸ˜“

Turned out well all things considered. Now just to wait for charging cables.

Oh my it is so nice to be discovering Lemon Demon from again.

Beautiful animation done by


Anyone in DFW: If you lack the means to go vote, contact me, I will help ensure you get the chance to cast your ballot.



I'm selling my fluffy boi on
Go check it out! UwU


Any mutuals interested in adding a Fox in VRChat, username is the same as Twitter!

Quick photo of, and I watching some Game Grumps.

Spent a few hours late last night messing around with Full body Tracking in VRChat.

That was an experience and I'm hooked. Such a game changer for hanging with friends.


Anyone interested in a fox/gator hybrid character? A... fatox? Or... Gox? Hm. Up to you! $110 gets this guy inked up and colored to your specifications!


Eye tracking with Tobii and SUVA is now setup!

Might be time to get streaming again!

Foxes may be generic.... but with a sprinkle color and painting, an addition of flair here!

Presto bango, OC

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Alright friends... I have only avoided VRChat because I haven't had an avatar I resonated with. After posted their Gumroad of "Fluffy boi" - It was time to dive in....

I am so pleased with how it all turned out. Thanks for such an awesome base!!

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