Day ?

What is time.... Is today tomorrow? Or was it yesterday?

I do not know, so I scream

I just don't want to with today....can we just skip it?

Ugh, Valve was really really good at Making Half Life Alyx. The immersion is so good, I can't handle being in the game.
Flight or fight kicks in and Twitter.....

I am all flight.


If you or someone you know is the owner of this illustrious work of art, please email We are offering $1000 to the owner, and $20,000 to their nearest food bank. We make a lot of jokes, but this is not one of them.


Rearranged the rarely used office and turned it into a more proper WFH office. Need to get a desk, but for now, it'll be a good Home Office until this all changes.

Thank you for being a friend🎵

On a Saturday work call and I just spent the last hour trying to get my call controls for Jabra working in Teams.

FINALLY. the mute icons not being in sync drove me batty

Watched it with - Caught ourselves a selfie

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Also got to watch the Season Finale of - OH MY GOODNESS the feels. MY EMOTIONS

Decided to watch it in

Played through the flashlight chapter of Half Life: Alyx..

Thanks to and for being helpful guides spectating me.



Conference call RAGE 💥How many can you check off from your last call?



Me using an 8-direction analog stick menu to get my net out when wasps are chasing me


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