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This is what is known to space scientists as an orbital burn

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Amazing we can go from an empty room, to a space that creates amazing memories for a weekend.

Thank you to the Furfest AV team for knocking this year into the stratosphere.

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I wish I had a time machine to just get a lot more time with folks. Cons always just feel so short and I always want more time with everyone.

Well the after party will just have to be VR! NO PCD HERE.

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I realized this was an oxymoron lol. I didn’t get to see everyone, but a lot of other folks I did.

It just didn’t feel like many. >.>

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Holy crap it was really good to get to see folks at MFF. I know I didn’t get a chance to see many, but good times were had with folks <3

Ran into so many of the

Background cleared.
Onboarding paperwork received.
Offer letter signed.

It's official official!

That was not spicy account


You saw nothing

Packing and stuff is all complete.

Out of office set and ready to ignore work for about a week >:3

Final round of interviews at possible new place tomorrow and nervous/excited. I know it'll be fine...

Haven't blown it this far, and working really hard to starve off that nasty imposter syndrome.

BUT, just gonna rock tmwr and see what the future holds!

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Draw a hot bath, light some candles, crack open a container of Garlic Temptation, and dry rub the savory granules into a glistening rack of ribs.

Repeat until you begin to dissolve into the windswept realms of your spiciest fantasies. 🥵

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A new camping spot at Raccoon Ravine!

New lab world by @RaccoonteurVR@twitter.com

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