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Gonna start up some more paper mario 64 on twitch.tv/delFur2 here in about 10 minutes. We'll see how good my memory of chapter 1 is :P

Just enjoying a pretty chill Sunday afternoon here, come hang out if interested!

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Ah yes, the spicy sleep.

Where you end up going to bed really early and your brain does nothing but give you shitty dreams and nightmares.

Does wonders for the emotions.

Going back and running The Bakery on A Dot and Three dashes. After seeing what it did for the Omega Mart map, I hope it helps with users performance!

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Heyyyyy I'm gonna screw around with Paper Mario 64 on twitch in a few minutes. Come hang out and we can help me figure out streaming together :P


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A foam dog has mysteriously appeared on the front steps of Meow Wolf Denver. Who did this?

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Ok, using Steam VR remotely on the Quest 2 with Virtual desktops was a bit rough, but worked really nice last night! I was able to say hi to VRC folks while in Chicago.

However I left everything running when I zonked out last night πŸ˜‚. Oopsie

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turns out scott cawthon, well-known as the creator of five nights at freddy's and less known as being a christian fundie, maxed out his political donations to republican candidates and PACs in 2020.

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β€œCAPTAAAAAIN!!” Captain, my Man the borg are here! We gon die!

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Everyone doing this twitter circles thing. Unfortunately me doing it would probably just remind how bad i am at reaching out to people first. So instead i will make my own with who really matters.

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Boy howdy, took a work trip to Florida, and the passenger I sat next to up front was a TRIP. I honestly thought he was about to cause a scene.

When the plane got delayed he utterly lost it. I'm glad AA stopped serving booze on planes. Had he had drinks... He was bold.

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