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Streaming on twitch.tv/vancoufurlive at 10pm PST (1am EST)!

Tune in for a night of awesome music starting at 8pm PST (11pm EST)!

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also, I think my next VRchat project is gonna just be a giant dealer's den and art gallery where literally anyone can get a booth and some spaces to show off their art.

Virtual cons are still gonna be a thing for a while, might as well make it easier on dealers,

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Creating silly props for VRChat is a rabbit hole I never expected to go down.

Car washing stuff arrives today and I am so excited to wash the vehicle with how nice it is today.

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New mask designs in progress! Please consider voting for your favorites to see that they get finished first! LadyRa.in/Telegram

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With all the nonsense from GM and the Hyundai battery recall, an opportunity arose to upgrade the Chevy Bolt!

I'm sad there's no Metallic Orange Model Y...yet...
Also not elect for FSD, as TACC and autosteer are enough for me!

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My favorite picture from VRChat. Me as the Home Depot Booze Bucketβ„’

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