3D artists, I just want to say what you do, just showcases how talented all of you are.

I've just scratched the surface and been following tutorials, but I am deeply humbled by the time and effort you have to put into these things.

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*SCREAMS* - One model down, now just to do the same to the other one!

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With great responsibility, comes greater... err never mind

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@0ddj0b@twitter.com Still got some repainting to do, but that is for tomorrow!

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Thanks to @0ddj0b@twitter.com I decided to mess around with the Fluffer avatar as well! Source: gumroad.com/ghostcabbit/

Lots of great artists to support out there!

Was reading details about the sleeping bag that I purchased for camping, and I found this gem.

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Commission for @drcampbellsmith@twitter.com of her wonderful family as coyotes out in Utah on a vacation!

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I am a burrito in this chilly tent! I LOVE FALL CAMPING.

Display upgrades to the station are finally setup! One of these days I'll get back to streaming!

For now I'll be tweaking and perfecting some things. I've got a few ideas on lineup!

I hate being the guy who takes a sick day on a Monday, buuutttttt

I am so excited to get out and give this a try!

I keep learning a bit more about blender and Unity so I can start to add toggleable clothes and such for my avatar! I'd love to have a halloween costume for this!!

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Here is a preview of Throne of the Damned - an original map @MrMcMurfin@twitter.com and I have been working on over the past month. We expect to see it ready and in-game just before Halloween!πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ

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