Trying to order antennas for my amateur radio setup is a challenge.

First place I ordered from offered “same day dispatch” if I ordered early enough in the day. 3 days later I hadn’t heard anything, so I emailed them and they said they were actually out of stock.

Tried a second place, they dispatched the next day, and the parcel then spent a week getting shipped to Ireland and then back to the U.K., presumably due to a customs issue.

Emailed that shop on Tuesday afternoon but no response from them yet…

Apparently the customs HS codes changed and the shop hadn’t noticed yet. They resent the antennas on Tuesday, and they just cleared customs today. Paid the charge, if I’m super lucky I did it early enough that they’ll be delivered today, but more likely tomorrow.

nothing today either :(
monday? :fingers-crossed:


the longer it takes the more worried i am that it’s been delivered to the wrong place as well :/

brain can’t focus on much else so i keep just going to bed to fast forward to the next day ^^’

@foophoof mood, except combined with sleep procrastination because the next day contains depressing work, which something something SlowFast™: It Feels Really Bad™

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