started playing alyx, figured i’d at least give it a try

i don’t do well with creepy games and i’m constantly terrified that i’ll have something run at me and i’ll just jump into my TV

the game is pretty immersive, i’m…properly creeped out by some of the things there

this game is extremely unpleasant but also i keep playing?

i’ve bumped it down to the easiest difficulty but i still empty like three magazines on a single headcrab because i panic

i keep playing in part because i want to be able to enjoy games like this without straight up borderline hyperventilating anytime something attacks me


in case you’re wondering how i’d fare in a zombie apocalypse just try to see how well i can reload the pistol when things are attacking me

*attempts to jam a new clip in without dropping the old one*
*finally gets the new clip in*
*forgets to pull the slider, so can’t shoot*
*accidentally presses the “drop clip” button instead of the shoot button*
*fumbles to try to pick up the clip from the ground*

all while going “aaaaaaah! aaaAAAAAAA”

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