[food] This vanilla ice cream has tiny bit of ginger in it and HOLY SHIT that’s a good combination.

Hmm, I might’ve gone a little overboard with the hairspray, I walked into my office and the air purifier turned on.

“I wonder why I never tried to learn Metamorphosis Two…”
*looks it up*
“ah, i remember now”

Definitely played a lot more...robotically in the beginning there when I knew I was being recorded lol :P

Here, have me attempting to play the full thing for the first time in…a long time. Seeing it actually recorded I realise how many mistakes I make :S (That said, considering I've never really taken lessons or anything, I feel okay about it) streamable.com/srefk

I should get some kind of notes for this, I know all the parts but I can never remember how many of each part goes where.

Don’t mind me just playing Metamorphosis One on the piano for like half an hour to procrastinate going to bed.

It’s only copying at 1 Gbps at the moment though, but assuming nothing breaks overnight (lol) it should be done by the morning, so not feeling like debugging it and interrupting the transfer.

Copying 4 TB of data to my new NAS and I’m suddenly very happy I invested in 10G gear (the NAS is only 2 Gbps though :( )

for a moment i thought they were selling gold plated TOSLINK

Warranty ended…just under 3 months ago.

tfw your synology arrives and you get ready to migrate your data over and you realise one of your drives has died 😳🙀

Sign #2: I just managed to say “bye” about 37 times on the phone before actually hanging up.

Amazon: “Your package just shipped, it’ll be delivered tomorrow”
Me: “Oh, that’s faster than I expected, I thought I got 2-day shipping”
My phone: “…it’s 4 am”
Me: “Oh”

Me, at the KFC drive through: “Can I get a Club Orange, please?”
Them: “We only have that in bottles.”
Me: “That’s fine” (I prefer that over fountain soda anyways)
Them: *hands me a 1.5 liter bottle of Club Orange*

AKA “how I replaced my .io domain with only two bit flips”

Today in “signs I might stay in Ireland for a while”: Bought a .ie domain.

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