honestly, i3 might be the thing that makes me switch back to linux...

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i also found a thing that enabled focus-follows-mouse

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i mean what i really want is i3 and i3bar, but this looks...close

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workspacer.org/ looks like it might be exactly what i've been looking for for a while


I want sushi but one dinner is like…half myst takeout budget. I don’t know if I just eat way more food when it’s sushi but one dinner for me is like €50-60 when it’s sushi vs like €15 for a curry and sides (not including tip)…

one day i will learn how to curl up and purr and look as relaxed as a relaxed cat

(To this day ECE 411 is the class from college I remember having the most fun in. I should have just started turning in the homework :P )

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(I saw a bunch of other people in the computer lab I was in doing something that looked interesting, shoulder surfed until I could find out what class they were in, then looked for the homework for that class so I could do it too)

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(I never actually officially took that class, I was doing the labs for that class instead of the class I was actually enrolled in that semester because the class I was enrolled in was boring)

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I remember taking a class in college doing processor design and I think we had some software that let me draw schematics and them simulate it, but I can't find it, so I'm using Factorio instead.

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Sunrises are really pretty. Maybe one day I’ll stay up for long enough to see one.

Managed to get operator-operator integer instructions and operator-immediate integer instructions to work, plus AUIPC :D

Although it breaks when you read and write with the same register in the same instruction (e.g. `addi x1, x1, x0`, since it just goes in a loop).

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finally ordered a trans pride flag to put on the wall

yes i’m gonna have aeronautical charts and a trans pride flag on my wall, i know i’m a nerd

Tried taking melatonin for the first time since…March or April last night.

Best sleep I’ve had in weeks, then did like 2 days worth of work before lunch…

ISP: "We finally processed your order for gigabit internet"
Me: "Great!"
ISP: "So we're gonna cancel your old service effective today"
Me: "ok, i guess"
ISP: "...and we're gonna install your new service in a week"
Me: "...wat"

my sexuality at this point is something like "bi, but in, like, a gay way" probably

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Oh hey, it's , I guess I am not invisible anymore.

My current implementation of a 32-bit register with 3 toggleable outputs. I think I found out a way to collapse all the bits instead of 32 parallel latches, but it requires a different driver circuit and I need to sleep so I haven’t set it up yet.

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