"Another round of Fibbage?"
Me: "No, I need to go to sleep"
Me: *proceeds to play 30 minutes of meme music in the voice chat*

Since I work from home and live on my own, I can get a clicky keyboard without having to worry.

However, my neighbours might have something to say about this one… youtu.be/hK2cnxXauls

I managed to do an upgrade of sorts, but I need to figure out a way to fix this for the future because I don’t want things to break every time there’s a new kubernetes version.

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Finally got my home Kubernetes cluster back up and running. Turns out I was running 1.17.0, and the container images for that for the distro i’m using are no longer online -.-

I normally like Mountain Dew but this stuff is, uh, _very_ sweet.

(yes, i know about apps script, but that’s not as fun)

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Hrm, unless I can somehow convert it to a CSV it looks tricky. I guess I can convert it to Base64 and then make a single-cell CSV? But then I need to write a Base64 decoder too

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I wonder if I can parse PNG files using spreadsheet functions…

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i really should chart my sleep more, because for basically all of march my sleep has felt pretty bad (well, worse than usual, as you can see it's never "good"), but i had no idea what was happening, but now looking at this it's pretty clear and i can actually do something abt it

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looking forward to listening to some brand new rimsky-korsakov music

but also wow it’s almost been 2.5 years and i’ve basically retconned all my memories to being a girl my entire life, i can barely remember ever thinking i was a guy…

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it’s definitely been slow and in some ways i feel like HRT hasn’t really done anything at all (with one or two exceptions), but people tell me it has so i guess i’ve just got the “only able to see changes in other people” curse

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apparently i’m coming up on 600 days of HRT :O

(and almost 30 months of being out as trans here on twitter, which is the…second place i came out, i think)

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