Just realised you can see the marks of two different vaccines on my upper arm now. Small red dot from the covid vaccine today (the usual “got poked by a needle” dot), and the scar from my BCG vaccine from many years ago. ^^’

rude that i’m not a cat curled up in front or the exhaust of my A/C

and not, like, *sleepy* tired, more like…low-energy tired?

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Oh, sooner than I expected, getting my first dose later this week! 🎉

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And I’m not just talking about the advance stop line for bike boxes, I frequently see people pull up far enough that even their rear axel is past the most forward stop line.

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One thing that’s surprised me about driving in Dublin is how common it is to not stop before the stop line at a red light.

got one. “only” 9000 BTU, but it’ll be better than nothing and hopefully my apartment won’t be 95°F anymore

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Might actually cave and buy a tiny single-hose air conditioner because my apartment is way too hot and this is happening more and more often :/

and this is without me even being home today, and with all my computer stuff switched off…

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guess what time the sun starts to shine into my apartment

I’ve been trying to use the chronological timeline for the past few days and…tbh it feels way worse? It keeps scrolling to the top every time the app is flushed from RAM, so I end up always only seeing the most recent tweets unless I remember what I saw last and scroll back.

Going to be outside for a bit today and put on sunscreen for the first time in…too long, and now I feel like I’m on vacation ^^’

also thinking about how i went from Definitely Very Straight and Cis Guy to queer mostly woman who is also sometimes a cat and sometimes a fox

and i wouldn’t have it any other way

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I remember the exact moment I actually somewhat verbalised this thought and just immediately went “…oh”

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