The insurance also covers misfueling.

“Hey…I accidentally put positrons in my battery and now the car is gone. Yes I’ll hold.”

foophoof awooed

pun which destroyed me 

My car insurance company just sent me a coupon for cheaper petrol…

The EV charger in my apartment building requires you to start it in an app, which is fine, but there’s no signal where the charger is, so I have to wait until I get to my apartment before I can start the charger.

Guess who keeps forgetting to actually start the charger.

A side effect of growing up in Norway is that you forget that not “everyone” knows how to ski (in a similar way that I kinda assume by default that people know how to bike and swim).

Just trying to find a plausible way of washing my car that keeps the paint in somewhat decent shape, since it’s still brand new.

Car people: I don’t have a way to wash my car at home, and I don’t really want to detail my car every time it needs cleaning…how bad are machine washes nowadays? From what I read online people’s opinion seems to be “it’s basically like washing your car with sandpaper”…

Just remembered that I got fancy new brushed cotton sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases for Christmas and changed my bed over to them and I’m in a soft heaven right now. I’m never leaving my bed again.

This explains why I am having trouble finding apps that are definitely installed without searching for them…

I just learned the hard way that if you have more than 15 pages of apps on your iPhone (i.e. more than 240 apps if you don't use folders), it just won't display anything on page 16 or beyond.

I have 407 apps installed.

I was just gonna go for a quick short drive to get lunch, but accidentally drove 210 km/130 miles.

Excellent weather for picking up a car…

The iPhone night mode is impressive, these pictures were taken somewhere over the Atlantic, the only lighting is the moon (that’s the moon in the second picture, not the sun).

J/k I’m picking up my new car today so I guess it’ll only be a few hours…

Finally home, time to sleep for 24 hours.

Woo, engines started and we have A/C finally \o/

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