Me, on Saturday: “It’s fine, I don’t need tracking on this parcel”
Me, every day instead of just the day it’s being delivered: “p a k i g e ?”

When filling out the customs declaration for a thing I’m returning to the U.K. that I bought last year, should the value include the VAT i paid, or not?

My body has decided to follow the “shower mixer” method of heat regulation. If I put on a layer I get uncomfortably warm, but if I take off that layer I start to shiver.

i like having a cold bedroom, but i do wish i could have little warmers for my feet, since they’re just perpetually cold, and more so after oestrogen decided that body heat isn’t something i need, anyways

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Also, I never turn on the heating in my bedroom so it’s always got that nice “Crawl into a cold bed” feeling. And it’s one of the few rooms in my apartment I can get really dark.

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Sure, wrapping myself in blankets on the couch is also comfy, but it’s not “nice sheets and duvets” level comfy.

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Literally every guide on how to sleep better: “Don’t go to your bed unless you intend to sleep”
Me: *lies down in my bed several times a day because it’s comfy*

Enjoying this snippet from an official European Union website.

Me when I’m not in Ireland: Why can’t I get cheese and onion crisps anywhere?
Me when I’m in Ireland: Why is cheese and onion crisps the only flavour?

Another problem is that I can’t even fit al the pieces on my table so I keep having to dig through the box.

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I kinda wish I enjoyed going on walks. I feel like I’m the opposite of many people, when going for a walk I need a destination, but when going for a drive I’m happy to just go for a loop and end up back home again.

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I know I’m not the only one, but I’m getting very tired of not being able to leave my apartment and there being no “end” in sight.

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Having some hope that this summer can be kinda like last summer, where infection rates are low enough and the temperature is high enough that doing things outdoors is feasible again

I also have found out that even my biggest table doesn’t fit the puzzle. Probably going to do it in halves or quarters and then try to carefully put it on the floor for final assembly.

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I got a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle for Christmas, and having basically only seen people on YouTube with lots of puzzle experience do them I went “ah yes, a reasonable evening project”. It’s now 3 hours later and I just finished the edge.

although, an annoying thing: spherical planets. square grid.

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so you’re building on planets which have an inclination, which is taken into account when you build solar panels, so in winter there may never be sun on them if they’re too close to the pole

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I have started playing a new factory building game. On a Sunday evening. This was probably not a good decision ^^

(Also I started work at like 2 PM yesterday, so even though I was working I didn’t have to wake up early for work)

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