I was apparently very very briefly a Minecraft let's player as well. I have vague memories of this.

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I still have email copies of all the comments though, including one that is like "wait how on earth are you a YouTube Partner with 3 videos and 5 subscribers".

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The video is no longer up because I deleted the Google account back in 2013, I'm not sure why :(

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Was just reminded of that time in 2011 I looped a short clip from MLP for 15 minutes and uploaded it to YouTube, somehow monetised it, and I think ended up making like $100 on it or something.

It was a different time.

"How do I make this detailed enough that it's informative and yet short enough that people will actually read it."

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Against my better judgement I'm trying to sum up all the things happening with trans people at the moment on my Facebook and I'm starting to wonder what the world limit on a Facebook post is.

I don’t mind my voice in general, but for phone calls and similar I really wish I’d worked more on it ^^’

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Just remembered that time I started a new job and was doing HR onboarding remotely and asked a question on the Zoom and the HR person went “was that you, <name of a guy on the call>?”

Me, halfway through the Rust Book: “Why did I start picking this up again? …Oh right, I wanted to watch an anime someone recommended.”

i have two modes of watching long youtube videos: all at once at 4am or switch between four different ones over the course of 3 months

for Reasons the current date on my driving licence actually says october 2011 though, which makes me a bit sad because i liked having a licence that showed that i got it before i turned 18 :D

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oh apparently it's exactly 10 years since i got my first driving licence today

i’m looking forward to having next week off and sleep for 150 hours

That state of being too tired to actually get out of bed and do something but too awake to fall asleep again is a bit of a nightmare.

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Would be nice to have a regular sleep schedule for longer than a week at some point.

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Apparently my brain didn’t get the memo that it’s not a work day today and woke me up at 6:30am after only 3.5 hours of sleep.

Got sent flowers for the first time ever today, by my mom :3

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