I mean they are both artists whose music I'm likely to play way too loudly in my car, I guess.

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Shania Twain and Fehrplay, very similar styles there.

do you ever get the temptation to find a slightly too small cardboard box to sit in

Taking 1 hour lunch breaks not because you want to take an hour but because it takes you 40 minutes to actually go figure out lunch.

I just realised that there's a version of Chademo in development for 900 kW. 600 A at 1.5 kV. And here I am mildly terrified at my car pulling 40 kW.

i remember before 2000 when the fastest speed limit in norway was 90 km/h, even on the motorways

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the road between drogheda and navan is a...fun one. it's like those roads you see pictures of where the speed limit is 80 km/h there's no hard shoulder and bushes all the way up against the road

except between drogheda and navan the speed limit is mostly 100 km/h

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and then in navan because the fast chargers in drogheda weren't working / closed because it was getting late

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Also, they ask three security questions, all of which are, of course, trivial information to find.

(So I didn’t give the “real” answers, of course)

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I ended up just sending the union of all the sets to be on the safe side.

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Opening a new bank account is Fun. On the phone, I was told the set of documentation I had to send.

The first email had a slightly different set in the top of the email, and yet another set in the bottom. Then I got a second email that had yet another set.

if it wasn’t half eleven at night during a pandemic i might go all the way. some other day, i guess.

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tfw you get in the car and just start driving somewhere and suddenly find yourself a third of the way to galway

norwegian news are reporting that you can travel quarantine-free (i.e. no quarantine on the way there or back) to the countries in green

ireland is included


Found my first smartphone, I remember trying to port Android onto this.

(Turns out this was actually in tearma.ie, but it was fun to try to figure out)

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In this case, luaschártaí. “Luas” is “speed”, and “cártaí” is “cards”, so…speedcards?

(Thanks to the power of context, I found out it’s flashcards)

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