(It’s a list I made ages ago with cat accounts on it)

Finally a good quality filter on Twitter

I’m curious to try it out on hotel wifi or something. Should be…interesting.

I literally have the best internet connection one can get around here though (500/50), and prosumer networking gear, so I’m probably the best case for how well this would work.

Will try on a Chromecast once the controller arrives, if that’s as good as on the phone I’ll probably use this a fair bit.

On my phone it’s an entirely different experience. Latency feels comparable to in home streaming, quality is great and I had a lot of fun playing.

Mini-review: In the browser on my computer it’s pretty meh. Playable, but scaled up and full of compression artefacts (playing on a 4K screen, but 4K is only supported on Chromecast).

I'm "srz" over on the new streaming gaming thing if anyone else I know got it and wants to be friends there.

Been playing a bunch of Need for Speed: Heat while I’ve been sick and it’s the first game that’s properly got me hooked in a while.

The loading cut scenes in this game are _really good_. I could watch them for a good while.

I wish I could just sleep for, like, 24 hours.

anyways here's me trying to play the game (half is me just driving around to get to a race, second half is the race). i used to be pretty okay at need for speed back in the Underground 2 days (so…15 years ago), time to get back to that level :P youtu.be/8Vsn0rbYZ0U

Honestly, something like this is, like, my ideal car colour. If it was a colour I could get the car in stock I would, but I don’t think I have the, uh, guts to go to a car paint shop and ask for it :P

i like this video game because i can drive a pastel pink car and nobody can judge me

A downside of basically never having food at home and also living too far into the suburbs for delivery is when you’re sick and probably shouldn’t go outside.

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