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Merino facts 

-Brass dragon ~150 years old
-Base size ~30ft nose to tail tip
-Can also be cat size or gecko size
-Secret fourth form?
-She/her mostly (subject to change)
-Hoards yarn
-No kobolds, but thinking of assembling a herd of Wooloo to protect her hoard
-Really likes tea

okay, if it worked for Storm


am dragn

need validatn

my fursona plush commission has reached the species euphoria stage

she’s gonna be real y’all

lewd, useful word I just learned 

courtesy of Amy Lexitecture:

wide-on, as a counterpart to hard-on

if meditation apps are supposed to reduce stress, how come Calm and Headspace both make it sound like they’re going to automatically start charging me after the free trial, putting the burden on me to figure out how to unsubscribe from the one I don’t want to keep using?

I do have modes. Using a different name at work from everywhere else has made that unignorable. And it can be hard to change modes. But as far as I can tell, I prioritize continuity of self too highly to want to partition off work-me.

That said, it can get lonely up here.

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I’m not plural

Around here that feels like a shocking announcement

so apparently the company that makes this shirt is going out of business

get it while you can, supervillain folks

this kickstarter for post-gender clothing has about a day left
creator is transmasc and their shopping struggles are extremely familiar
also everything has pockets

Heard in :

"You're a furry, you're not allowed to have personal space"

horny, lonely, covid sad 

ah, nothing like waking up from a dream about naked cuddle piles to a world where physical contact with other people is inadvisable

for the second morning in a row

thinking about racism, personal 

Zeidie, I don’t blame you for taking the survival option, I’m about to do the same. What I do blame you for is letting it define your life and getting so comfortable in it that my mom keeps having to remind you to vote Democrat to protect your granddaughters’ healthcare.

And someday I’m gonna do some good with your money.

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thinking about racism, personal 

and enough of us have become invested in not losing our fake whiteness that any attempt at solidarity with people of color is taken in bad faith.

We can’t help the people who suffer. We can’t even help ourselves.

And it didn’t happen that long ago either. My grandparents remember the No Dogs or Jews signs. That’s the generation who took this bad deal and forced us to like it.

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thinking about racism, personal 

My ancestors really screwed me over when they started letting society treat them as white.

I get it was the only path to prosperity, and I get that we were privileged in our paleness to be offered it at all. But it only gave real white people more things they wanted: our culture is eroding away because our children think of themselves as white and not Jewish,

furry linguistic pedantry joke 

tired: dragontaur
wired: minodracon

do dragons do the human thing where they expect eye contact as a sign that you’re being polite and paying attention

or do they do what most animals do and treat direct eye contact as a threat gesture or a power play

mh(-), lewd adjacent, 2020 

Among the things I’m most looking forward to about the end of the Covid Era is being able to disentangle the horny and anxious parts of my brain

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