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new instance! tried to restore all my follows, so if something doesn't look right let me know!

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you don't have to be good at your hobby to enjoy it

anyone else sit there rewriting the same sentence 20 times cause you can't think of what to write next?

Finny awooed

i had to phrase this carefully to not make it seem like i was driving 160 km/h (this thing does like 50 km/h)

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160 km total on the scooter and still loving it


i do look forward to the day when masks in public are no longer necessary

but PRETENDING THEY'RE NOT is not the way we get there

after much self reflection i have decided that i no longer consider video games an interest of mine

japanese social media is like

"good morning"
"just took a shower"
"time for work"
"lunch was tasty!"
"on the train home"
"good night"

shoutouts to everyone using the fediverse to improve their language skills

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"maybe you just shouldn't use the web client especially cause you're active on three instance" OKAY Maybe

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hi i use the web client

does anyone notice their notifications just stick around for seemingly forever?


had a dream some stranger passed me the blunt, and an edible

the different vibes on different instances are so wild


i don't really believe in the society i'm forced to prop up

honestly i miss taking transit everyday. the random interactions i'd have with people are unforgettable

one time flake and i were taking the bus in calgary

at some point i'm like, "shit we're going the wrong direction. let's just get off here." so we do, and we cross the street to wait for the other bus.

about 25 minutes later, the exact fucking same bus driver pulls up and swings open the door with this big goofy grin, and remarks "it's pretty cold out there, isn't it?" (it was february and snowing)

never have i felt more shame

didn't see the grammar mistake until someone boosted that lol, hence the rewrite

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cars as a primary means of transportation was a political choice

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