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new instance! tried to restore all my follows, so if something doesn't look right let me know!

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#POLL about the mental thinking, please boost for accuracy

If/When you talk to yourself in your head, do you refer to yourself in the...?

re: food, alcohol 

i cooked all that btw

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grand larceny 

i accidentally stole some celery from the grocery store and i actually feel SO BAD lol

re: vrc, ec 

realizing now that i should drop a link to the base model! get it here!!

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re: vrc, ec 

okay the hair is slightly less ridiculous now

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re: vrc, ec 

for a second i was like FUCK, the flag's backwards

then i remembered that's a mirror

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for anyone curious it's a 2019 pinot grigio from veneto, italy that i got for $15 USD

after the second glass, i'm realizing how much worse it could've been. so now i'm enjoying how bad it's not.

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that sinking feeling when you drink that first glass from a new bottle of wine

and the glass is bad but you know you have to drink the rest of the bottle

cause otherwise it'd be a waste

one time i spent like 8 hours debugging an issue related to base 64 encoding. i was like "why is it that after i decode it, it's still encoded"

turns out i was accidentally encoding it twice

redefining days in terms of functionality

a "friday" is any workday followed by a weekend
a "sunday" is any weekend followed by a weekday
a "saturday" is any day followed by a sunday or another saturday

for example, a weekday followed by three weekends could be described as a friday-saturday-saturday-sunday sequence

a "monday" is any weekday that follows a weekend

so a single weekday between two weekends is a friday-sunday-monday sequence

a "wednesday" is any weekday between two other weekdays

thus any five day work week can be described as a monday-wednesday-wednesday-wednesday-friday sequence

a five day work week with the middle day as a weekend becomes a monday-friday-sunday-monday-friday sequence, curiously a week with no wednesdays

an interesting question is, when considering 5 day sequences that contain only a single weekend, which is more enjoyable: mon-wed-wed-fri-sat, or mon-fri-sun-mon-fri (remember both are followed by a sat-sun)

work+ actually going WELL for once holy shit

hung out for like six hours straight in VRC last night

it was wild

i'm glad more people are using this

Finny awooed

Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.


also, the opposition party we just elected has vowed to make no fundamental changes to this system. they haven't made many promises, but that's one of them.

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we have by far the world's highest military spending and the world's largest prison population. we're already living in a right wing authoritarian's fantasy world.


we deserve better than the military economy

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