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covid is very real. please continue taking it seriously.


a friend of mine had to take a flight from arizona to florida, due to work. apparently the unmasked flight attendants were incessantly coughing.

yeah and now this friend has covid

i was going to say something like "personally i only use apps that DON'T use algorithms" but i feel the irony of that statement would get lost too easily


is it legal to just go up to vancouver bc and buy shrooms yet? or no

it's a shame that web/internet technologies are mainly talked about within the space of commercial enterprise. the internet could be serving us in a much more humane way. but the commercial space is set up to addict us, exploit us emotionally, and extract as much value out of us as possible

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the physical world is kinda yikes at the moment, but i definitely believe building a better internet is possible

one of the other mastodon instances i'm on (non-furry) is all over the regional news. and like, there's suddenly this influx of normal, everyday people. like legal name with face pic types

and i'm just like

bahaha welcome to the real internet here's some weirdness

looking for new jobs and like... yep, this is a crypto company, this one does spyware, this one does defense contracting

god i just want to write code and not actively make the world a worse place

could i be misremembering details about popular culture? no. it is the universe that is wrong.

like they’re saying it’s for readability so they don’t need to use try-catches but like… well i hope you find unhandled rejection events to be super readable

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ok correct me if i’m wrong here but like…

you’re suppose to resolve a promise if the operation succeeded and reject if it failed, right?

they’re always resolving in every case, to true if successful, to false if failed. isn’t that like, completely defeating the purpose?

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they want me to not handle promise rejections and i just… :blobcatsadreach:

me: this will take 3 days

dev lead: can you get this done by the end of the day?

me: ???

yknow mastodon isn’t perfect. but it’s an alternative. and that’s desperately needed

code horror 

right now i'm tasked with maintaining a vital part of our records keeping system. it is unbelievably convoluted to the point that i suspect it's intentional sabotage.

there's a bunch of rules governing how we write information to this system, and we store these rules as a collection of a few dozen text (.txt) files. these text files use a homegrown templating language, written by someone who left the company decades ago. there is no documentation whatsoever about the syntax of this templating language, how it works, or what it tries to achieve.

on top of that, there is also a homegrown parser that was written purely to interpret this language. in order have these templates do basic things, there must be a corresponding parser update to interpret these new commands. so every feature needs to be written twice, as a template and a parser command.

also, what these templates produce is stringified XML. so to make use of the output of these templates, you have to maintain some data model for them to deserialize into, at which point you translate them into a set of commands to send to an entirely different system that actually writes the information.

somehow someone thought this was better than regular code. no one has thought in 30 years to fix this or improve this in any way.

experienced dev here. should i be excited about learning ruby in 2021? i'm kind of excited about it

leadership at my company said that wages are low so we can pass along the savings to the customers

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