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stalking? just creepy vibes 

one time i was on a first date with someone, and somebody else approaches our dinner table to tell me that this guy is a stalker, and like they asked me how long i knew this guy. well needless to say this freaked me the fuck out, on top of just being out in public on a gay date in red state florida lol

lol what if they shut down stackoverflow

Finny awooed
Finny awooed

The results are in! I put everything into a spreadsheet to reverse-engineer out the "see results" responses, and here's how it looks.

Straight people are twice as likely to have all 4 skills, and queer people WAY more likely to have 0 of 4 skills.

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as someone who works with planes i will say we need more trains

got a trunk (or in motorcycle parlance a "top case") for my scooter, and i'm so excited to try it out!!

might be able to safely sign up for a motorcycle endorsement course soon, which would be cool as heck

50km/h is cool and all but i wanna go faster!!

posting my neural network renderings here


writing a resume is a long and daunting process lol

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