VRChat photos, food 

@keliff discovered a new flavor of kangy: just transparent gelatin.

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VRChat photos 

@kat gets absorbed into the pillow realm.

VRChat photos, lewd adjacent? 

@Gumby reaches out for those butts.
(feat. @chr & @keliff )

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UKpol, music, bad sweary words 

Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt by The Kunts is a song about Boris Johnson and how he is a fucking cunt. It made it to #5 in the official UK top 40 this Christmas.

The BBC did not play it.


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C++ is the best programming language because it has the friend keyword

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"Go away," the dragon said. "Winter makes me sleepy."
"Please," said the villagers, "come and sleep in the village square."
"Why, so you can warm yourself on my heat?"
"Well, yes," the villagers admitted, "but also so you are not alone."
"Hrmpf," said the dragon. "Very well."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

vrchat photos 

We went to a world with a really pretty skybox and @keliff posed on the bow of a ship for a picture.

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So it looks like I'm going to be out of a job in March, so I'm starting to look for a new one.

Anyone here know of any remote tech jobs for a DevOps kinda guy, let me know and I'll throw you my CV/Resumé!

Boosts appreciated! I'd rather find a new job before I lose this current one! :boost_requested:

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advent of code 2020, day 5 

Today's challenge definitely turned my code into the biggest pile of spaghetti out of all of them so far, but it was also the most fun I've had with an advent challenge.

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So apparently I'm banned from github.com/golang/go 

I reviewed my comments to find out what might have caused it and my best guess is it's either because (A) I said that it's lazy to force git forge maintainers to add go-specific code rather than develop language-independent standards, or (B) I pointed out that git hosting is decentralized and adding "sourcehut support" by hardcoding git.sr.ht is incorrect, and applies to other hosts like gitlab, gitea, github enterprise, cgit, etc.

Notably among my participation in that repository is donating CPU time on my $1,000 RISC-V board to help with the RISC-V port.

In conclusion, 🖕. If you want to participate in golang/go be sure not to point out that any of their engineers are working on solutions which are wrong when the right solution is much harder.

@Zest Thanks for hosting the stream! You were really adorable with how gently you handled those ribbon cables!

VRChat photos 

We figured out what @RussellTheFox would immediately do with a clone.
(feat. @kat & @Kaffe )

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"You're allowed to fix it" really shouldn't have to be a selling point in favor of your tech product

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Secure fox transfer protocol:
1. Wrap fox in soft comfy blanket
2. Perform steps 1 - 4 from the Fox Transfer Protocol
3. Unwrap fox
4. Pet
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Fox transfer protocol:
1. Carefully pick up fox
2. Hold fox gentle like hamborgar
3. Go to destination
4. Set fox down
5. Pet
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