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Rape, Trauma, Rape Accusations 

On the way to the CFT hopefully we have a really great time ^^

Hey all, we're looking for an artist or artists that would like to take on a larger project for a commission. It'll be a lot of figures (like 9-10) in kind of a family photo sort of thing, Some feral, some anthro, some humanish. Time is of no concern, we've waited 9 months for smaller commissions before.
Please feel free to DM and/or boost we ... tend to like getting a lot of different perspectives and seeing what we like from them all, so we would like to have multiple versions of this done

Ummm we guess a general post but .... are there any artists out there who like to undertake a somewhat larger project? We.... have been realizing a lot of our headmates don't really have good visuals to go along with them and we'd like to make a family photo of all of us (will likely end up being around 9 ish beings of various feral anthro and humanish beings) and most of them will need to be based on text descriptions as only about one - two have references that we like currently.
please feel free to DM or boost and there's not really a set timeline (we have before waited up to 9 months for smaller projects to be done, so we are really easy about things we know life happens.)
We don't spend a lot of time on mastodon compared to telegram so let us know if that's better for you.
Umm yeah guess that's.... that...

It's nice getting back into chainmail again with these little flags, we've just ordered a bunch of rings to do even more pride flags as well and we just enjoyed making them. We're curious if people would be interested in flags like this for hanging or some such thing but we had fun making them and remembering how you go about doing 4 in 1 chainmail and we have missed it

hurting, sexual abuse 

We can't help but wonder if it's worth it. All of these pangs and pains... Crying most mornings and most nights.... It doesn't seem worth it but the only thing we hold on to is that we'd likely either be crying morning and night anyways or we'd be so numb that we just wouldn't let ourself feel anything.

Feelings/Hopelessness, ideation 

FoxFire awooed

Waking up at 6am on the floor of an airport in a foreign country. Yep this sounds just about right.

Just... Sadness 

Need some validation, photos 

Insecurity and fear 

Family, lack of acceptance, trans 

Finally finished printing and putting together the Master Sword!! So excited to spackle sand and paint it so it looks awesome but yes it's finally together!

And then you spill some coke zero on yourself just before they are supposed to arrive

that feeling when you ask someone to come over a give you a hug and they say they will

Does anyone know people who make custom binders and/or work in leatherwork preferably both?

a break, cw ideation 

Hey all is anyone in Seattle up for playing board games in the next few days somehow someway? There's a lot of games and we have two games we have designed that we would love to have playtested if there are people interested ^^

On the way to the airport once more. This one we are actually looking forward to <3

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