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Finally finished printing and putting together the Master Sword!! So excited to spackle sand and paint it so it looks awesome but yes it's finally together!

And then you spill some coke zero on yourself just before they are supposed to arrive

that feeling when you ask someone to come over a give you a hug and they say they will

Does anyone know people who make custom binders and/or work in leatherwork preferably both?

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Hey all is anyone in Seattle up for playing board games in the next few days somehow someway? There's a lot of games and we have two games we have designed that we would love to have playtested if there are people interested ^^

On the way to the airport once more. This one we are actually looking forward to <3

Arrived and decided to go to an old diner that we always used to go to and it's along how much this whole city/state feels and looks exactly the same as it did 20 years ago. Everything looks exactly the same, same businesses, same buildings, nothing changes. It's... Actually kinda sad even as it is nostalgic. We are so used to everything changing every month, we don't even recognize places we lived 2 years ago in NYC, but here, it's like a time capsule.

FoxFire awooed
FoxFire awooed

This is your reminder that a vanilla soy latte is a three bean soup.

Does it count as if it is part of a Christmas mashup of like 4-5 songs? If so we have officially lost at 833am December 17

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Going to some board games today^^ hopefully our games will hey playtested

Look at this good fox we started painting today! We feel really good just diving into everything again. Board games painting 3d printing even writing poetry. Feels good

Someone has convinced us that the best way to actually figure out what we think Foxfire looks like is to just start commissioning art and see if any of them strike us enough that they resonate
So we guess we'll see!

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Any #MFF peeps (especially those staying in Comfort) want to grab breakfast at Tiffany's in the morning?

Goddess when depression hits it hits hard like really hard....

Think we might be starting to get sick, but we are going to try and deal with the con. Back to the con! Maybe dealers seen maybe art show maybe more games!

Had a really nice playtest of it game last night that was really good and this morning played a game of xcom with some furries and played DDR for this first time in ages. This has been a pretty good, now just grabbing lunch from a diner back by the hotel we are staying at, it's really nice, things are a lot better after line con, though we are distinctly worried about going to the art show and it being just as much a mess as it has been. We know the dealers seen is already crazy hoping it calms down in a bit

We are planning on spending a fair amount of time in the game room and if we find play testers we might play test our game again but if you want to, come say hi^^

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