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seeing a resurgence of LB. #LB / LRT is annoying at best, if i find your toot in older history or worse a hashtag, it's lost

so here's a lesson on how to quote toot:

1. reply
2. remove the @ mention if you'd to not notify the OP
3. boost your reply

then i can click your toot and see what you're referring to. the boost is so that it shows up in timelines even if they don't follow the OP

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American buses: "OUT OF SERVICE".

Canadian buses: "SORRY, / NOT IN SERVICE".


cream diffusing through iced coffee, boost if you agree

what would captain america do?

what would fred rogers say?

periodic reminder:

If being a "good" catte (or hoomin, system, other aminal, whatever!)

feels too difficult right now,

just be an okay catte.

you got this.

เธ… โ†€๊€พโ†€ เธ…

Boost this toot if rainbow, trans, or other queer flags are a primary decoration in one of your living spaces.

It's Kind Of A Thing.

*squeezes into a small nook between servers*
very comfy!

"Apologies for the intrusion," said a strange voice in my head. "We are telepaths on a distant planet, and usually tune humanity out as background noise. But so many of you ask, all the time, so we checked: yes, there are others like you, and yes, you can be loved. Okay?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


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