Matrix Resurrections, cinema, latex, egg memories 

Oh yes I just decided, When I'll go to the cinema to watch Matrix Resurrections I'll be wearing latex head to toe. After all the 1st Matrix movie might be one of the reasons for my love of shiny cloths and identifying with Trinity is the oldest memory I have of strongly identifying with a female character. Also it's the earliest trans lesbian egg "fuck I want to be here, but I also want to date her" memory I have.

re: Matrix Resurrections, cinema, latex, egg memories 

Just need to find a screening in englisch. I can't stand most German movie translations. The quality of German translations is extremely bad because the studios paid the voice actors less and less money, and in general the translations had to become cheap and cheaper, and you can hear the result. Often you get emotionless dialogue, with a poor sounding mix that's lacking any sort of dynamics. A character next to the camera and one across the roam have the same volume and exactly the same acoustic.

One of my teachers in film school ranted for hours about how the sound of a movie is valued less in German speaking countries and showed us a ton of examples. IIRC even of a couple movies that won an academy for Best Sound Mixing have a terrible mix in the German version.

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