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latex night shooting, reddit post, pretty reflections 

Oh that's a pretty picture. I love the reflections
Really need to do a night shooting in latex with someone some time.

latex at work 

I'm working on latex outfits for IRL work related activities. Because bring your personality to work and latex is definitely very much a part of me.

Currently thinking about something like my purple leggings, simple black latex mini skirt and a nerdy t-shirt. Well and a hoodie because it's cold.

Completely latex would be to much. Well at least I wouldn't feel very confident. I'm still not feeling up to casually wearing latex tops in public. Like for going out to a party or something it's not an issue but just for everyday stuff I feel self conscious. Don't exactly know why.

I want to change that though. Maybe I need to wear my favorite dress more often. I love it. That could help with getting used to it or so.

Anyway back to the topic. I think leggings + skirt latex, rest regular fabric is a great combination, but an elegant dress could work as well, including my favorite dress. It's super pretty but also rather tame.
I definitely want to get a latex blouse, because they are really beautiful and look awesome it you ask me. Could work well with a blazer on top, especially if the blouse is not just black but purple or blue or something.

One thing that works well for work from home but I think wouldn't in person is, black catsuit + regular colorful blouse. Looks amazing.

Wow it's really getting cold around here. Guess it's that time of the year again where it's mostly catsuit and hoodie weather.

Also the time for even more cuddles. Lots of cuddles to keep warm together. Just need to find cuties to cuddle.

selfie, ec, latex 

Photographer self portrait :3

Hmm I need fox ears or a hood with fox ears so people can see that I'm a fox :3

self improvement goals, lack of energy 

I want to change so much about myself but I don't know where I should take the energy from to do it.
Many of it I wanted for years now and haven't been able to do it.

For example I want to have a very different style, but that requires better makeup skills and it then also takes more effort to actually do the makeup. Right now I don't even find the energy to do basic every day makeup -_-

I want to be the girl I'm inside also on the outside but I just don't know how. I don't have the energy for it.

re: pandemic, fall, 4th wave, making a statement, latex 

Feel free to leave words of encouragement because I could really use them to actually do this. Don't get me wrong I want to just never before wore one of my latex hoods outside.

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long, sorting through old hardware 

Gosh sorting out old hardware is so much work.

I finished writing the tool which was a bit of a hell at times as I struggled with the archiso tool as the documentation is a git short on how the pgp signing of the netboot image works and it had to dig through the source code to figure out what was wrong.

Not it works, well mostly. Some servers crash with a kernel panic during boot. YAY.
In the end arch linux might be to new for some of those old boxed >.<

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pandemic, fall, 4th wave, making a statement, latex 

Just had to think about this pic again and I think if people around here continue to not take the pandemic seriously, as sadly it isn't over yet, I'll wear the same hood with a N95/FFP2 mask attached when I go outside, to make a statement.

Also it looks fucking awesome and that's enough of a reason to do it if you ask me xD
Just need to figure out the rest of the outfit.
Though I'm not going so far as she did and add a posture collar. ^^ Well unless enough people challenge me to do it and I feel brave enough xD

kink, shit post, wrong answers only 

So it's Subtember huh?
What does that mean?
Is it the month of submission for subs.
The month the celebrate subs?
The month where subs don't have to abide to rules?

What do you all think? Wrong answers only.

re: Matrix Resurrections, cinema, latex, egg memories 

Just need to find a screening in englisch. I can't stand most German movie translations. The quality of German translations is extremely bad because the studios paid the voice actors less and less money, and in general the translations had to become cheap and cheaper, and you can hear the result. Often you get emotionless dialogue, with a poor sounding mix that's lacking any sort of dynamics. A character next to the camera and one across the roam have the same volume and exactly the same acoustic.

One of my teachers in film school ranted for hours about how the sound of a movie is valued less in German speaking countries and showed us a ton of examples. IIRC even of a couple movies that won an academy for Best Sound Mixing have a terrible mix in the German version.

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I'm sorting out old servers and am getting them ready to be sold or given away and oof. It's a *lot* of work.

Right now I'm building a tool that makes it a bit easier for me. It's a bootable usb stick that automatically scrapes the system for all relevant information, like memory size, disk sizes, cpu spec, etc. and sends that to a different tool I wrote that holds the inventory of all the old gear. There I can link it to the inventory item and later on can use that data to automatically generate an ebay listing for the server.

Matrix Resurrections, cinema, latex, egg memories 

Oh yes I just decided, When I'll go to the cinema to watch Matrix Resurrections I'll be wearing latex head to toe. After all the 1st Matrix movie might be one of the reasons for my love of shiny cloths and identifying with Trinity is the oldest memory I have of strongly identifying with a female character. Also it's the earliest trans lesbian egg "fuck I want to be here, but I also want to date her" memory I have.

latex in public ramblings 

I want to wear my catsuit and maybe a hood and go outside and have a fun day. Maybe take a couple pictures. Just need to find a day where the weather is good for it and someone to come along as alone it might be weird.

I don't know, for some reason it's different for my brain when I just wearing my catsuit or add a hood to an outfit, i become super self conscious. In contrast if it's just leggings, a skirt or if it's a outfit that is latex mixed with "regular fabrics" it's basically a no-brainer for me to wear it outside in public.

But I still want to do it. Im sure it will be fun in the end.
There is this cool park like area next of to a river (it's behind the treeline in the distance) in city I live in where it's great to chill with friends for a day or afternoon. I think it would be a good spot for it. It's also looks like very good spot for a picnic.

I should post more stuff here and not just on my Twitter.

Just repaired my car by myself for the 2nd time. Yet again one of the power window lifts broke. It's the 3 time that happened with that car.

So do I now get a level up in my power tools lesbian skill points, or so?

oof. it's way to early to be awake

*yawns and wants to go back into bed where it is warm and fluffy*

I still love the fact that I'm wearing my latex catsuit in my work profile pictures :3

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