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Tell people "A horse is loose in the hospital". If they respond with "God is Bread" then they're a fellow Mastodon user, and thus safe to discuss vore and third-order gender differentials with.

In the fediverse we don't say "I love you" we say "destroy capitalism and abolish the police" and I think that's beautiful

So amazing today seeing a 100% peaceful Portland protest. Some amazing people stepped up, took leadership, and said "NO!" to anyone that tried to make it anything else. Beautiful seeing a community unite like that, and so many individuals clearly there to support others (water, snacks, medics, etc.)

"Your no makes way for your yes. Boundaries create the container in which your yes is authentic" - Pleasure Activism

If any of my mutuals are in a bad position, please DM me or poke me on Discord ( Erisian Phoenix#5017 ). I'm in a decent position to offer, uh, "mini grants" to anyone who is in a place of need.

As a software engineer, I have learned the literal truth of Murphy’s Law. It’s a consequence of a stronger law:

Any system that runs for long enough will observe every input it can face.

In this way, the inputs that lead to unforeseen and undesired consequences - “things that go wrong” - will inevitably be received and duly misprocessed. Every reachable flaw will be exhibited by the system at some point.

on CWs 

Gentle reminder after a long talk:

The request for a CW is best accompanied by a CW of its own, and respect for an "I cannot hold to this; please don't follow this account."

We all have things we talk about that at one point we could not. Consider that you may be adding an extra barrier to things that the poster fought to learn to express extemporaneously. Respect comes from both sides on such things. We much each set our own limits. Sometimes that means a blanket profile CW and speaking freely.

everyone be careful out there, make sure to do any political organizing in person/at least via signal. the fediverse is a great place to meet here but everything is essentially public.

good opsec to all and to all a good #ff/#fff

i think what leftism really needs is a stronger emphasis on orthopraxy (doing the right things) and giving up entirely on orthodoxy (believing the right things).

the secret to “leftist unity” will be forming cooperative coalitions between co-mingled communities and finally taking to heart the lesson that there are no universal solutions.

Kinda amazes me how many smart people have suddenly bought in to the anti-Stallman propaganda.

A quick read of the actual emails makes it blindingly obvious that 90% of these articles are third-hand gossip with no basis in fact (I think Ars Technica is the only one to get it right?)

This is why checking your sources is important, kids!

By definition, censorship is an Authoritarian tool. It will *always* be the majority using it to suppress minorities. Censorship is decades of admitting "I'm gay" being a crime. Censorship is flagging all LGBT content as "Adults Only" on YouTube. Censorship is the periodic purges of fandom / kink / etc. because sex is scary.

*reads "ACAB"*
Me: Assigned... Cis? ... at birth?
*googles it*
Oh right, totally unrelated >.>

But now I'm stuck on the idea of "Assigned cis at birth" as a cute way of saying 🖕 to anyone inquiring about deadgender

Holy shit, never considered that, but this is likely accurate.

once again a conservative shitheel has inadvertently coined a metal af trans slogan, and there's apparel (cartoon goat demon nudity) 

meme, furry culture meta, cartoon violence 

a not-so-normie friend shared this meme with me, and it's 100 true.

YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

San Junipero: a transhumanist lesbian love story.

Continue to love it, and find it deeply moving 🌴

Heaven is the place we build on Earth

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