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Tell people "A horse is loose in the hospital". If they respond with "God is Bread" then they're a fellow Mastodon user, and thus safe to discuss vore and third-order gender differentials with.

on CWs 

everyone be careful out there, make sure to do any political organizing in person/at least via signal. the fediverse is a great place to meet here but everything is essentially public.

good opsec to all and to all a good #ff/#fff

i think what leftism really needs is a stronger emphasis on orthopraxy (doing the right things) and giving up entirely on orthodoxy (believing the right things).

the secret to “leftist unity” will be forming cooperative coalitions between co-mingled communities and finally taking to heart the lesson that there are no universal solutions.

Kinda amazes me how many smart people have suddenly bought in to the anti-Stallman propaganda.

A quick read of the actual emails makes it blindingly obvious that 90% of these articles are third-hand gossip with no basis in fact (I think Ars Technica is the only one to get it right?)

This is why checking your sources is important, kids!

By definition, censorship is an Authoritarian tool. It will *always* be the majority using it to suppress minorities. Censorship is decades of admitting "I'm gay" being a crime. Censorship is flagging all LGBT content as "Adults Only" on YouTube. Censorship is the periodic purges of fandom / kink / etc. because sex is scary.

*reads "ACAB"*
Me: Assigned... Cis? ... at birth?
*googles it*
Oh right, totally unrelated >.>

But now I'm stuck on the idea of "Assigned cis at birth" as a cute way of saying 🖕 to anyone inquiring about deadgender

Holy shit, never considered that, but this is likely accurate.

once again a conservative shitheel has inadvertently coined a metal af trans slogan, and there's apparel (cartoon goat demon nudity) 

meme, furry culture meta, cartoon violence 

YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

San Junipero: a transhumanist lesbian love story.

Continue to love it, and find it deeply moving 🌴

Heaven is the place we build on Earth

Oh hey, in 5 minutes, it will be 65 minutes later.

Why do we still do this Daylight Savings thing again?

My gender is Dionysus and my pronouns are poetry. Or to be a bit clearer: My gender/pronouns are whatever is most aesthetically suitable for the circumstances. In the absence of any context, my preference from best to worst is zie/zir, they/them, and she/her.

I am also distinctly genderfluid: my gender today is NOT yesterday’s gender. I used to be a boy, then I transitioned to a woman, and thereafter I spent time getting increasingly comfortable with a queer/enby identity (And I’m still kind of a demigirl and default to she/her for myself)


Feel absolutely no need to update how you think / refer to me based on this post - I wanted to capture my gender for my own sake, but I spend too much time on gaming forums to mind if someone forgets that I’m not a guy :)

Feel free to poke with questions. I encourage curiosity over manners when it comes to dealing with me!

There are no maps to the planes. If you are meant to be there, you needn’t go looking - it will find you. A doorway that doesn’t go quite where it should be, a path that takes a strange turn. You’ll know. You can even refuse. But few do - it would not be here if you did not desire to cross over.

Some find this a rather unsatisfactory state of affairs. Sometimes desire and necessity do not make kind bedfellows, and one must be where one least wishes to be. In those cases, there are the Shortcutters, those cthonic enchanters that can rewrite even a heart’s true love. It is a dangerous path, frought with risks, and often leaving scars. But for some, the price is worth it, to trespass where their old heart could never belong.

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