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The new tuner stick advertises 20-100% increase in range. I'm routinely topping out at 50-60 nm, and if I can get to 100 nm that would be spectacular. I also have on order a purpose-built antenna, so that I can compare with my homemade one.

Experimenting with an antenna for 1090 Mhz (airplane spotting).

The current design is the cheapie telescoping antenna with a magnetic base. That's stuck to an old upside down speaker as a ground plane, and then from there I have a bunch of magnets attached to the outside of the rim with old nails as radials.

It looks completely goofy, but no soldering required, and I think I'm actually getting a little more range.

I have a better tuner stick on order!

Cleaning the garage of decades of crap that landed there. Blergh.

I set up a darknet web server relatively easily with and (Hugo). Create a network interface with Wireguard, then bind the server address of the web server of Hugo to that address, and voila the server can only be reached via the tunnel.

trying to sort out a strategy for cross-compiling a go program that uses cgo. `xgo` is one alternative, that didn't work out of the box but maybe it could be made to work.

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@vertigo @h completely agreed. On a semi-related note that's why I became a fan of #WireGuard (instead of all OpenVPN et al). The authors put as much emphasis on the source-code beaing short and readable as on functionality, speed, and security.

In fact, they're pretty clear about how short, auditable source-code is *crucial* for security. Good talk:

Getting network tunnels a-tunneling with so far so good.

Working on a 1090 Mhz ADS-B receiver for my Pi this evening. It's been running for a while, but I finally got it hooked up to Flightaware and Planefinder to feed them airplane locations.

The nifty thing for Flightaware was getting MLAT running so I get a few more plane positions.

I have a part identified that's a specialized tuner/filter/amp just for 1090 Mhz transmissions. But I want to run this setup for at least a week, maybe a month, to get a baseline.

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@emv matteocorti.github.io/roll/

12/05/2018, 15:06:59 azure@electric:~% roll 3d6 + d% - 1d20 + 5

Found it in homebrew: "brew install roll" gives me just about exactly what I would have wanted.

Matteo Corti ( matteo (at) corti.li )

source code at github.com/matteocorti/roll

home page at

There must be a command line program out there somewhere called "roll", which accepts as arguments the dice you want to roll. So "roll 2d6" would return some number distributed between 2 and 12.

I found rollthedice.online/en but there's not any reason this has to be a web service.

Long week of travel this week for Red Hat Summit in San Francisco.

net tonight, first storm of the season. Lots of familiar calls on the roster, and good turnout in general. We had a severe TS warning but really nothing more than some lightning and some rain and a few wind gusts as the storm blew in.

KIRO AM 710 Seattle, via an SDR at grid CN88IL. The unmistakable sounds and cadences of radio baseball.

If I assume that I have 10 pieces of email correspondence in flight from my work account on any given day, and if I count that email quota as "full" when those messages are sent, then I'm doing OK this morning.

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