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I've been thinking how happy I am that there is a Mastodon, and a vulpine.club and an a2mi.social and a mastodon.radio.


surveillance capitalism 

reluctance to type certain things into certain rounded rectangles, on account of the likelihood that they will trigger advertising that will follow me around the net.

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"A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable"

-- Leslie Lamport, 1987

Switched to a new two-factor auth program (Authy) because it let me more easily sync to another device, thus reducing incrementally the concern of being dependent on my phone and its battery for the login process.

sysadmin; terror; CentOS 6 

A unnamed system I volunteered to help with is running CentOS 6, last updated at some likely distant time in the past.

I think all I need to do to get it to some better state is `yum update`, but I'm understandably reluctant to do so without setting aside a few hours for frantic fixing, because who knows what all might get broken as things get fixed.

If I read things right, CentOS 6 is EOL on 30 November 2020, so I have about two years to really fix this (or run something so horrible as to be unsuitable for internet use).

Github did a post-mortem on their 24 hr outage here.


It's a very good incident analysis of the problems that even a brief period of "split brain" can cause in a distributed system.


eggs and toast as a midnight snack

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Yeah, so my timeline is all about the #redhat #ibm acquisition.

I know bunches of Red Hat people and not a few IBMers and this is going to be very interesting.

I'm thinking I should post something, to see the lag to the new instance, so as to see what to expect.

If you are running nginx, and you need to serve up files for Let's Encrypt, and your DNS includes an AAAA record, then you need to configure nginx to turn on IPv6 so that you can make your way through the cert bootstrap process.

Ask me how I know this!

Testing @ed@df5be497.packethost.net


not much risk of extra innings now.

here's the waterfall from the UVic KiwiSDR. Note that if you only take the lower sideband of the KNBR 680 AM broadcast, you can avoid almost all of the adjacent channel interference from CBU 690 AM.


listening to sportsball

if they go into extra innings again, I'll turn it all off

did you know you can pick up KNBR 680 all the way up the west coast? weak but copyable in British Columbia if you just pull in the lower sideband (interference from CBU 690).

this is not that SDR though, it's one in Sunnyvale that's closer and no adjacent stations.

Awoo, awoo
And you and you and you
(Dance music)

emv [] awooed

Listening to the shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4 via the WebSDR at U Twente.

rain or drizzle; moderate or poor; occasionally good

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