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"A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable"

-- Leslie Lamport, 1987

Switched to a new two-factor auth program (Authy) because it let me more easily sync to another device, thus reducing incrementally the concern of being dependent on my phone and its battery for the login process.

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Github did a post-mortem on their 24 hr outage here.

It's a very good incident analysis of the problems that even a brief period of "split brain" can cause in a distributed system.


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Yeah, so my timeline is all about the #redhat #ibm acquisition.

I know bunches of Red Hat people and not a few IBMers and this is going to be very interesting.

I'm thinking I should post something, to see the lag to the new instance, so as to see what to expect.

If you are running nginx, and you need to serve up files for Let's Encrypt, and your DNS includes an AAAA record, then you need to configure nginx to turn on IPv6 so that you can make your way through the cert bootstrap process.

Ask me how I know this!




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And you and you and you
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Listening to the shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4 via the WebSDR at U Twente.

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"Every machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough."

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