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Emarl awooed
Emarl awooed

I put out a new EP today. It's called WORKHORSE, and it's full of some absurdly large basses, jungle breaks, and some light footwork here and there. It's about pushing forward when you're at the brink of exhaustion, the hazy and febrile moments when you're unsure of being able to move forward, but choosing to do it anyway.

I've never felt more lucid than the past few months of my life. I really like it.

Emarl awooed

the japanese word for lightning is inazuma 稲妻

you'll never guess what the individual kanji mean

re: abuse justice 

missing stairs are less work, more pain over time

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re: abuse justice 

and my two cents? outright denial of abuse or handwaving it as "just drama" is fucking disgusting.

this is the kinda smokescreen that allows abusers to move up into high social stature. people who can get away with it will often have the tools to continue to get away with it.

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abuse justice 

I find that when people mention "restorative justice", they don't understand it's a two way street between the abuser and abused.

It often ends up being punitive against the abused, like "How DARE you raise these allegations. It happened a long time ago and they need the space to improve." In covering for the abuser's past, the abuser will be insulated from any impetus to change.

Basically the victims end up ostracized, and the abuser is treated as the real victim. DARVO and Geek Social Fallacies in a head-on collision.

re: mh (±), paranoia 

It's not even drugs, it's anything as simple as kissing and cuddling my partner

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mh (±), paranoia 

It'll take me a while to get used to the feeling of a stabilized median because I'm conditioned to expect failure and frustration. I often have an urge to guilt trip myself like I'm not allowed to be happy because of [arbitrary internalized crap]. Anything euphoric instills that it won't last and my door's gonna get bust down by the neurochemical police because my serotonin and dopamine levels are unacceptably positive

NSFW meta on horny Source engine creators 

12 years ago, SFM chuds were obsessed with whitewashing Alyx Vance and turning her into a disturbingly moist rail-thin supermodel, while everyone else with common sense was giving the TF2 pyro a big fat juicy ass

I am itching to do a new ref sheet and mess around with alternative zoroark hairstyles... The mane with bangs is honestly pretty cute as a baseline, though.

Emarl awooed


me, my clones, and local dragonite @k having a rowdy ol' time

Emarl awooed

I bend over in's Phoenix Wright world for like 1 second causing my tail to stick up out behind the desk and presiding judge @decimal demands I do it again so @phenokage can record THIS

For Coming Out day:

- I've known I was furry and otherkin since 1999 or so
- I came out of the "general" closet in 2016 after a fight with my cishet friends at the time
- I subsequently realized I was trans fem in 2017, came out and started transitioning in 2018


Then my partner made me in Heroforge. I did already imagine a non-Pokémon fox form for myself for fun, so it's pretty cool to see this

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I've been working on a zoroark model in Blender that I hope to use in VRChat~ There's still a bunch I gotta do like retopology but this is the first character model I've done from scratch and I'm happy with it so far :3

Ok, I couldn't resist signing up here cause I became a fox (zoroark) in July and there's all of the cute @Draekos art strewn around

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