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got a marketing email from the blood testing lab telling me they could help figure out my fertility issues. glad to see some good old traditional spam, like we had when I was a kid. it was a simpler time

am I yelling and ranting about things unrelated to my current problems? yes. is it therapeutic? not really. can I stop? absolutely not

legend has it that somewhere inside the billionaire is a small stone that causes their evil, known as a Bezoar,,

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if I were a billionaire, I would simply give all but a few dozen million away and live luxuriously off it for the rest of my now-unthreatened life

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it's not that billionaires *should* be chopped into four pieces and disemboweled. I would consider them relinquishing their hoards voluntarily quite preferable. but if they don't, well, the more you hurt people, the more likely they are to do something regrettable 🤷

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the time for guillotines has come and gone. we're drawing and quartering billionaires now


I really need to get some ketamine in me. weed'll do for now but fuck

Else awooed
Else awooed
boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That was a poem for a simpler time. Now the boss make 1000 and I make a buck, let’s steal the catalytic converter off the company truck
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New wrestling deathmatch type where you and your opponent are trying to each build a piece of Ikea furniture and trying to stop each other from finishing.

in the late american empire, there was a common folk myth that, if you worked hard from the day you started school as a child until your old age, the godhand would grant you a joyous and carefree life in your final years. it is said that some did experience this "retirement" as promised, but in truth it was mostly clerics of the religious movement promoting the idea

I literally don't understand how people deal with car ownership. I don't even have to commute and it's a nightmare. I know I made a mistake buying this one specifically, but they're all mistakes in my price range

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gdi my car isn't going to be ready for yet another week. the service advisor told me to call toyota to complain about the part being delayed. but like. she works for the toyota dealer?

some irony that the biggest reason I want my car back rn is so I can drive to the city where there are bikeshares and safe cycle paths, so I can train my biking endurance, so I can cut out some of my car trips

I took a look at facebook after years away from it, cuz I want more local stuff in my life, and wow it's just... not good, is it

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man I really just, like, cannot breathe, can I?

imagine a politician boasting how many jobs they saved in their district by getting the pointless military base closed. less work needs to be done here now, so we can relax more!

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