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the plural of assassins creed is assassinses creed I don't make the rules

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more video games should let you run your character around in circles in an endless void during the loading screen like some assassinses creed do

it only just now occurred to me that the point of binoculars is to give you a 3d image, not just so you don't have to close one eye. I am limited in both stereoscopy and brains

my moods are mercurial, in the sense that they vary wildly depending on the barometric pressure

kinda gross 

the video of a live shark fetus, that's what'll get me to stop scrolling

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tiktok giving me a video telling me to stop scrolling like buddy if I were capable of literally anything else right now why would I be scrolling


our society is perfectly fine with telling me it wants me dead, but the moment I say *I* want me dead they put me in grippy socks smh

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just how many shuttles did voyager leave with? they lose one every other episode. are they able to replicate them somehow (despite rationing) or do they just have dozens of them

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hrt - 

so much of how people talk about estrogen is "yay boobs" and I don't blame anyone for that but it still makes me feel like shit

trying to figure out health insurance plans is bad for my health

we can start celebrating peace when we stop being at war.

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it's uncomfortable to think that some of the people we've made go die for us died for things that don't matter. it sucks. it feels cruel and pointless. which is exactly why we should remember it that way, so we stop repeating our mistake.

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maybe we should remember those who we got killed for fuck all, and try to stop doing it anymore idk

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remembering "those who died for our freedom" on the anniversary of the end of WWI, a war that was not at all over our freedom 🇺🇲


my mom is asking if I'm coming home for thanksgiving, which definitely no, but I don't want to have the actual conversation about why, so I'm trying to blame it on covid, which I had thought was a given anyway?

first, they made phones tougher against falls, so they're earth proof. then, they sealed them up so they were water proof. then, there was that thing with helium leaks making iphones crash, so they had to make them air proof

my question is

fireproof phones when

Else awooed

fucked up that "crypto-fascist" will over the next few months take on a completely different meaning, and yet also, at the same time, exactly the same meaning

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