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Else awooed

Time for your corporate workplace team-building exercises! :)

*forms union*

No, not like that!

and whose idea was it to leave all these cardassian computers in place on the station. what makes them think there aren't backdoors everywhere? not to mention the systems integration problems they keep running into. they have replicators it can't be that hard to make replacements

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the term "human" implies that they come from a place called "Hume"

I've never been into brick collecting, but I've always thought it was cool that other people were

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food (odd habit) 

who else tries to pick out larger chunks of cookie in cookies and cream ice cream to see if you can find any identifying marks

I made a tiktok of this. it required deep voice for full effect so I hope it's good 😅

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scifi in which the universe is known to be a simulation, and ftl travel is enabled by a device that exploits the way empty space is optimized by the computer. the macguffin is known as a "compression artifact"

someone really needs to teach starfleet about two factor authentication

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I will not buy a $630 lego set I will not buy a $630 lego set I will not buy a $630 lego set I will not buy a $630 lego set

sometimes I catch my face in profile and remember that theory about the basis of the modern witch archetype being a reclusive ancient roman cult of trans women


tw sui 

I don't regret my attempts at all. in fact I regret *not* trying when I was younger. I needed help, and somehow nobody saw it. least of all me, which is why I didn't try, because I was told sui was crying for help, which surely I didn't need. so instead I just suffered


I mean I know that's not all it's done for me, of course I do, but fuck, I could've been working on this shit for years instead of trying and pretending to get comfortable with things that I'll never be comfortable with

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sometimes I feel like all that positivity around trans bodies did for me was give me an excuse to keep dissociating from my body and avoid getting surgeries I need desperately

this next episode is called "shadowplay". I have not heard of this kink, but I am intrigued

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i joke, as if I haven't been live posting my reactions all day every day for months 😅

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"Paradise" (DS9 2x15) is a predictable slog, just like super obvious from the beginning that it's gonna be a primitivist cult, but I have Thoughts about the final scene, especially the final shot


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miles and keiko obrien are the classic tv couple of a mean bitter clod of a man and a lovely kind beautiful woman

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body posi 

tumm go squish 🥰

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