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not a cult 

where do people on tv shows find these idyllic communes that accept them as they are and totally aren't cults they just grow some weed and mushrooms or whatever innocuous victimless crime

technicality in legal framework allows for remote contract execution

gonna pretend they're just uſing a long s for ſome reaſon

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today's novel misspelling of my name is "Elfi". and like, that's not my name, but it's definitely a gender? and with masks I haven't been able to hear the difference between that and my legal name anyway, so idk if I'll even bother fixing it

I had the wrong time for an appointment in my calendar, so now I have to go home, wait for like half an hour, and then come back, because there's nowhere in this city to just sit when it's miserable out

idk much about python or ruby, but I do know which I would rather find a very large one of in my car

speedrunning friendship. Skipping half an A press and glitching through the wall of icebreaker awkwardness, landing directly in the Trauma-Sharing Zone and saving precious time


good thing I have a headmate, cuz I'm feelin suicide, but homicide not so much

the trope of a trophy wife poisoning her husband, known as "beautox",,

honestly if I were asked to describe my headspace rn I don't think I could do better than "a frightening, liminal space between states of being, not quite dead, not quite alive, similar to a constant state of sleep paralysis"

gonna stop reading this thread because it already got to using a racial slur to insult anime

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just read a wild comment thread in which someone used 😭 to mean laughing, and the disagreement wasn't even that they should've used 😂, it was that the commenter was very certain that water doesn't come out of your eyes when you laugh?

I have a very rubbable tummy

just thought you'd like to know a cool fun fact

Landlords are great because if something breaks, you don't have to fix it. And neither does the landlord

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