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no no, god was made in *my* image.
kind of a screwup, never really talks, doesn't seem to even be paying attention most of the time,,

snapping my fingers to remove 50% of my Thanosesque jaw

when you say shit like “the boat did more to damage capitalism than any protest” you sound like both a clown and a fed in addition to being wildly wrong

I don't have an hourglass figure, I have a pint glass figure

is the whole angels have wings and are really pretty (instead of many-eyed cryptids) just cuz someone at some point saw a woman's shoulder blades?

I was not aware that there even could be such a thing as campaign ads for the UN security council

just got a different ad, for some software thing called "I contact". seems hard to use, but maybe that's just me

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this is the real answer. I think about so many things over the course of a day that eventually just by chance some of them will be things I randomly get an ad for later

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I know the ad algorithm isn't actually reading my thoughts, but like, it's still weird that I got an ad for a thing I never mentioned to anyone that I was thinking about in the shower this morning, when that thing was "high end lever-style doorknobs"?

although, if their point was to say "yes we have listened to the actual album and know that that is not the actual title of the song, please stop emailing us", I suppose it accomplishes that lol

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next time my boss asks me what my goals are, I'm just gonna show him this tweet

everyone needs to stop referring to me so I can get picked up in the next gc run

wow, talk about a toxic girlfriend. bet she's just leading him on, anyway. at least we know he won't knock her up

public service announcement that 'grave dirt' is not literally dirt you dig up from around a grave with a fuckening shovel it's the dust you brush off a grave when you clean it it's meant to be gathered through personal care and respect you fucking animals

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