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ed, mh care -- 

apparently everyone wants me to go to residential care for my eating disorder. which, given previous experiences with psych care, is a hard no even without the pandemic. but I guess I should just overcome my medical trauma and do it πŸ™ƒ

cold hard cash implies that liquid assets are at least lukewarm

every once in a while I misread "marist poll" as "marxist poll" and am momentarily intrigued and then disappointed


I want to try acid (or similar), extra so right now cuz everything, but I don't know how to go about getting it, especially in the country with no car. I know someone who likely knows, but she's my ex and we haven't talked in months, so idk if that's the way to break the ice lol

hospital, mh/ed - 

I really want to just give up in general, but the only thing I'm putting any effort into (and only partially succeeding at) lately is eating. and giving up trying to stay fed will just make things worse, plus everyone around me is already "concerned", and I'd rather eat than do inpatient πŸ™ƒ

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mh/ed - 

kinda wishing I just, like, hadn't brought the food stuff up with my therapist and psychiatrist. I know not dealing with it would also be a pain, but like, idk, I just don't care much.

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remembering reading kafka's metamorphosis in school and wondering what the big deal was. like what, greg, you think you're special cuz you woke up one morning in a vile disgusting body and everyone hated you? doesn't everyone?


just did my injection to procrastinate making a phone call. I would rather literally poke a sharp needle into my flesh than talk on a phone lol

trauma shitpost 

if I'm not disabled then why do I have medical trauma πŸ€” checkmate ableists

mh - 

yever mental illness so hard you can't even convince yourself to want to fix it

unless you're including the country code. then it's 0x3c2893af7

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my phone number? yeah it's 0x16e7d56f7

dapper professor is the only attractive gender of man send tweed

I just got an ad on tiktok for a "dating app for gamers" can I get an F in the chat

Else awooed

show me your favorite hilariously dated image I'll start

I thought I enabled tactile feedback on my phone but now it's just telling me to take the high ground and not invade russia in winter?

what I really need in my life tho, is some mechanism that lets me actually learn all the things I really want to learn but somehow can't set myself to actually learning

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