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I can't bring myself to use the term "proud boys" for that sect of fascists. it's just too absurd. even more absurd than "boogaloos". it makes them sound like angsty pre-teens and not, y'know, violent white supremacist insurrectionists

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Else awooed

ending sentences with “so” and “but.” not attaching a clause or any other concluding phrases to finish it off

doctors, weight/ph 

the email is clearly automated, not targeted to me. the lede is about covid vaccines, which I am well aware I can't get yet, but it just segues into weight and other things for some unknown reason

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doctors, weight/ph 

haha cool I'm getting spam emails telling me about their weight loss services and surgeries from the office of the doctor I went to *about my rapid unintended weight loss* and there isn't even an unsubscribe button

apparently brothel and broth do actually share the proto-indo-european root *bʰer-, which I did not at all expect

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a brothel? is that like a soup kitchen?

found that same one a few minutes later humping my ankle, so it's confirmed, the ladybug is a tramp

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it is apparently beetle hangers, a fungus that, while parasitic, doesn't impact the bug's life much. it's spread through group overwintering as well as sexual promiscuity. so, not ladybug sperm, but ladybug std

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I can't tell if the greenish stuff is dust or pollen (idk from what, given it's january) or ladybug sperm some kind of idk lichen or something?

really makes the claim that my employer cares about my mental health fall flat when they demonstrate they have no ability to acknowledge the causes

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surprisingly, it does not make me feel better about an org to see that it can't call a coup a coup, and not a """demonstration"""

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"a note about recent events" is a funny way to say "it's okay to be fucked up about there being a coup" but okay

twitter eventually bans trump, who makes a mastodon instance, but realizes too late that he misspelled the domain, maga dot coop

Else awooed

they were let in. they were let in. do not forget that

the cops.

don't mind me just thinkin about how it wasn't 100% clear that Obama was technically president for his first day because he and Roberts stumbled on the oath. not for any reason, just thinkin

also, in this context, a "mil" is apparently a thousandth of an inch. though why you would bother using american units if you have to use one that's not commonly familiar is beyond me

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wait is that... I don't think I've ever seen a package label with μm on it before? have I been looking past it the whole time? (I mean obviously I have cuz the box has been sitting there for months) is 22.8 μm a lot? I assume it's the thickness of the bag but I'm still surprised

body horror 

I just saw someone on tiktok talking about their eyeball tattoo. turning the white in one eye to black. I... think that's enough internet for today

I mean, I'm not gonna log off, but,,,


many participants in today's fascist coup were radicalized in part by an anonymous dweeb posting vague cryptic nonsense "intel" about a secret child sex ring to a site that also itself hosts child porn

they don't need trump. trump being gone will not be the end.

Else awooed

please CW your posts where you ask people to CW politics, it upsets my sensibilities 😔​

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