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me in 2009: I think it'd be really cool to work on video games as my career

me in 2020: you literally could not pay me enough to have anything to do with the video game industry

anyone else having a harder time calming anxiety while wearing a mask? feels like it makes it harder to do breathing the way I need to

(this is not to say it's a reason to not wear one, just that it's a challenge I've had)


I've seen too many tiktoks about bratty subs and now I can't see the phrase "make me" without them being what comes to mind

Wikipedia proud to announce: Stories!

now introducing: Lyft Stories!

New feature from New York Times: Stories!

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bot that posts screenshots of random websites and apps with a stories feature slapped on them

doctors, covid 

I get the need for caution from a doctor's office, but having had headaches when you haven't left the house in over a month other than for a drive-thru pharmacy is probably not, on its own, a reason to suspect covid

interestingly, I am taking two cars with me and my travel partner down, but only one car back, according to my reservation. I'm not sure why I would do that, but then again, I'm not sure why I think it's okay to travel to another state, especially Florida, during a dang plague

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wait, dang, shouldn't have tagged amtrak on twitter, I'm happy to take what I'm sure is a significant number of rewards points for Elsie's, uh I mean my, auto train round trip

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I have no idea how this mistake could have been made, given that the other Elsie almost certainly does not have a similar email address to me, since mine is at my own domain. unless it's by phone and somehow someone hundreds of miles away with the same name has a similar number

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the amtrak app has apparently confused me with a different Elsie Powell, one who presumably owns a car and is rather closer to virginia, since it thinks I'm taking the auto train to Florida tomorrow

anyone feeling a little weirded out by the pedestal dolly parton is being put on? like yeah, she's decent, and that's great, but nobody is perfect and y'all talking like she is creeps me out. legit saw someone say she's god. you can like someone without making her a memetic deity

John Maynard Keynes's daughter, Candy,,

my popsocket has developed a crack at the base, and with the little air holes, it looks like a face

you really need to listen to me
because i'm telling you the truth
I mean this, I'm okay
trust me

:disputed:This claim is disputed

making a new mastodon instance, choir dot social,,

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as ways to produce emergency serotonin go, like, I could do worse than pointlessly posting to the choir about ableism

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