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dysphoria, covid 

a great thing about All This is that when I get a pang of dysphoria, I know there's nothing I'll be able to do about it for a really long time, so it turns into a whole big spiral

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im nonbinary because "not really a woman" doesn't mean "actually a man"

Anyone know anything about forwarding io through python ``?

I have a python script that does a `` of kubectl exec -it ... mysql ...`. (The python is to fetch credentials and a few other things). For some reason, when the command I type in the mysql prompt is longer than my terminal width, instead of going to a new line, it wraps around to the beginning, making it really hard to do, like, half the stuff I need to in the mysql shell. Running the kubectl exec manually works fine.

covid denial, transphobia, family 

fortunately my brother is at least not a science-loving-dcience-denier about transness, at least around me, but I would be similarly unsurprised if he was just pretending, or at some point changes his view because a youtube video tells him to

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covid denial, transphobia, family 

i wish i could be surprised when people who claim to "love science" actually just love their own opinions and claim from nothing that science backs them up

but I've seen enough "my high school biology teacher said" takes that i know exactly what "i love science" means

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covid denial, family 

apparently my brother doesn't think covid is a big deal. I'm not at all surprised. he won't take it seriously until someone he knows dies. at which point he will reverse course with no self-awareness, and complain that people should have taken it more seriously


someone over on birbsite claiming we'll banish the memory of trump from our collective history, no statues of him, nothing named after him, and I'm just reading this like

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do my tests pass, you ask? what the fuck. fuck passing

Else ⛤ awooed
you can convert an integer to a float by placing it in root beer

politics, violence toward pets 

I wonder if we'll ever hit an inflection point where it is always assumed that the name of a bill is the opposite of what it does, and thus the best way to get something passed is to call it the "Extracting Viscera from Innocent Labradors Act" or whatever

I think if i let my new macbook touch my skin while in a hangout, i might get third degree burns. this thing is hekkin HOT 🔥🔥

so glad we have another decade before we have to see "but there was no year zero so ~technically~" takes from people who don't know how definite articles work

disturbing food? 

balut is only the second most disturbing food item I've heard of. the first is the live octopus tentacles that try to crawl back out of your throat while you're eating them. third is video of pieces of very fresh and very not attached to a body pieces of meat rippling with involuntary muscle contractions when salt is put on them

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do not look up balut on wikipedia if you are at all squeamish. the article leads with a picture of it, it being a fertilized partially-developed duck egg

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abortions, cannibalism 

I remember in college there was this anti-abortion protest with, like, a board for people to write things on? and someone had written "I love fetus fajitas" on it

and, like, that is just so wrong

it wouldn't be a fajita, it would be balut

in an attempt to reach younger customers, Ford announced today that it is rebranding to "4d"

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