so strange to me that people think queer identities are black and white. like how do you not realize there's a lot of gay area?

casting Montréal in the role of French-speaking city so maybe Québec will notice me and let me move there

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food shitpost 

going to open a restaurant in Montreal serving an Andean pseudocereal in a style inspired by the various cuisines of China

I'm gonna call it Quinoa Chinois

dangit forgot to edit this when I cross posted. uhhhh or, I mean, uhh, using tweet instead of toot here is a commentary on twitter's algorithmic timeline or whatever

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recommendation algorithms exposing you to ever more extreme versions of your existing biases are basically irl flanderization send tweet

how do I make my phillips hue lightbulb randomly cycle through colors in beat with my music asking for a weed

I feel like I'm hearing about way more nyc area power outages than I ever have before. like, even starting before Isaias, although that wasn't that big a storm. maybe it's just that people are at home so residential outages get noticed more easily?

climate change, pedestrian death, birdsite screenshot 

driving a small car with a low hood is the wearing a mask of vehicular safety send tweet

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climate change, pedestrian death, birdsite screenshot 

my favorite thing is the gut-slicer mazda puts on their cars. the front slopes forward as it goes up, with a thin extra protrusion on the top lip of the grill, so if you're not tall the first impact is directly in between your hips and ribs, where it will do the most damage.

I don't understand how it's even legal. I mean, I get how it's legal in the US, we don't care, but how is it legal everywhere else? from a glance it doesn't seem like it's exclusive to the north american market

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climate change, pedestrian death, birdsite screenshot 

I have literally pleaded with some of the drivers in my family to drive smaller vehicles. Tried explaining how that ride height that makes you feel powerful or whatever means putting pedestrians like me in danger. All I ever get back is "there are no pedestrians in Ba Sing Se"

"surgery", implied gore 

find me in the garage, using the bench grinder to give myself diy ffs

creeping fascism, only like 30% joking 

how long do you think it'll be between trump refusing to leave office and the thin blue line becoming the de facto flag of the american regime

Julius Caesar, after sex: I came

his partner, unimpressed: I saw

Caesar, to his bros, later: I conquered

viewer discretion is advised in part by the corporation for public broadcasting, and from viewers like you

😐 Tappan Zee Bridge
🤔 Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge
🤯 "Its-a Zee, Mario!" Bridge

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re: liberal antifascism shitpost 

it's kinda shocking how "appeaser" isn't a more widely used insult, considering how the appeasement movement is basically back in full swing

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or maybe the fact that I've been having way more weed this year than last is making me more prone. or maybe the fact that this year sucks even more than last year is making me more prone. or maybe the world sucking more is making me use weed more which is making me more prone

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idk if it's stress or just how many I've been doing but video calls have been making me dissociate a lot lately

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