Also, ever since I saw it pointed out that very very few steel mills actually use iron ore (nearly all are processing scrap), I haven't been able to un-see it in games like this, which all have iron ore instead of scrap in their supply chains

Also, *containers* ffs! Not Transport Fever 2 is alone in this, but how can a game make any claim to simulate a modern freight transportation system without a single container in sight?

A thing I want that no transport simulator game has yet given me is inclusion of loading gauge issues. I want to deal with having to pick rolling stock for limited bridge and tunnel clearance. Or increased load times (and a11y issues!) at low-platform stations

Basically, while I know this isn't what Steam means by this button, my review of Transport Fever 2 really is "maybe later"

The modular stations are an interesting idea, but not well realized. You're still stuck with straight, single-level stations with no slope, at least until someone figures out how to mod them. A lot of things, really, will be fine once they get modded.

Some of the supply chains are simplified, and for some reason towns only need two kinds of products instead of anything (like, only some towns will accept food? what??)

I was in the beta for the game, so I have a decent number of hours in on it, and while parts are definitely an improvement over TF1, it has some strange regressions. The gfx and some gameplay are better, but the interface has a lot of really questionable choices and poor contrast

The truck drivers in Transport Fever 2 wear ties, which I think encapsulates just how little this genre of game tends to acknowledge the workers whose labor it stimulates. In this essay I will

I don't just steal valor, I stand outside subway stations selling valors at suspiciously low prices to passersby

The Grinch is a turncoat. A good-for-nothing traitor who betrayed the cause in the war on christmas

"War", I say, picking ornament shrapnel and pine needles out of a gash on my arm, "war never changes"

the music is a major reason why i will always support our troops in the war on christmas

apparently it's someone made up for the song. i was expecting some celebrity from the 50s, when people apparently actually enjoyed christmas songs, but the song is actually from the 30s?

Else ⛤ awooed

I really wish video creators understood that the bottom 20% of the screen isn't a free area. It's closed caption space.

mh, sui 

mh, sui 

take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are also green


who called it interfering in the democratic process and not electionanigans

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