I can't not take the films, right? like they're nothing of value; only two have any film, the first reels of Pillowtalk (1959) and Houseboat (1958), and obviously I can't play them. but free random artifacts! at the very least that empty reel is going on my wall

I mean this building doesn't seem to be in the best shape, but I don't think it looks *that* old

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I'm very curious what this Thing in one of my closets is, and why it's in a locked case

so confused by this twitter ad. are the anti-vaxers branching out?

I'm gonna need someone who knows more about electricity explain to me how 90⁰F (32⁰C) weather breaks elevators in a practically brand new building

idk much about python or ruby, but I do know which I would rather find a very large one of in my car

just got an emergency alert on my phone to limit power usage to avoid blackouts. we're all fucking doomed, huh

I modified the nyc buildings Lego set to include the city's most important architectural landmark, 432 park ave

I've seen a lot of things on the sidewalk in this city, but I think this is the first whole engine block

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