implied alc 

pseudo beer                     sudo beer

how did I only just notice that netflix has content warnings??

trump got covid 

today sure is a while year, huh

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trump got covid 

tasteless? cuz I think it's 👨‍🍳👌

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wait, if she's a clone of him, does that mean? trans boy danny phantom??

mimi and rae (and me and the mimi to my rae) got to see each other for a bit today 💜

family, twitter screenshot, "lol bad man gay" """joke""" 

before dinner my dad read out this tweet. I said I don't get it. and the moment it took for either of my parents to reply was glorious

I pulled the innards from my off-the-shelf HP desktop to put in a bigger case and when I saw these I thought I had zoned out and was surprised to see these. are these the fabled screw-secured HDMI ports?

covid death, genocide, birdsite screenshot 

so, about 1.8% of americans will die overall. take that from Dunbar's number, and on average everyone will know between one and five people who die from it.

"the computer is more accurate when it's flying" must have been a fun bug to work out

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