climate change, pedestrian death, birdsite screenshot 

I have literally pleaded with some of the drivers in my family to drive smaller vehicles. Tried explaining how that ride height that makes you feel powerful or whatever means putting pedestrians like me in danger. All I ever get back is "there are no pedestrians in Ba Sing Se"

update: progress. at least now I don't have to scroll sideways

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I have absolutely no idea which of these choices is currently selected. does red mean "look at me I'm a more eye-catching color cuz I'm what's selected!" or "oh I'm just chilling here, white is brighter so it's the one selected"

Lebanon explosion, 1945 atomic bombing, twitter 

ffs twitter read the room

I wanted to see if the power company had an outage map or stats or anything, and got this instead, and I have,,, questions

starting with "how the heck do you make a page this simple not fit to screen width?"

"so else, you doin anything fun this weekend?"

"oh, you know, just hanging out with the girls"

us covid response 

I once saw someone describe leftism vs conservatism as "designing systems to fit people, instead of forcing people to fit systems" and idk that there's a better example of the latter than "aha, we will just make the children be orderly and clean!"

body horror, birbsite post 

how do we not have ancient myths about unripe pomegranates eating people. this is a literal actual demon.



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drugs, needles 

the subtitles are leaving out the swear words for some reason, but they saw fit to specify that the snoring here was heroin-induced


19th century inventor of the miniature railway Moses Gerrish Farmer: you know you can save lots of money on cravats by just growing one out of hair

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19th century facial hair was just on an entirely different level. dude brings new meaning to the term neckbeard. men, what is stopping you from looking like this

problem: transport fever runs my gpu at 100% constantly, making my room uncomfortably hot even when it's not bad outside, and I don't want to waste energy making my A/C pump that heat


look i know i just spent all day tracking down a very elusive bug and my brain is mush, but i am reasonably sure i have spelled "there" correctly

hulu " are you doing with these subtitles

I appreciate that they correctly translated the subjunctive/indicative in the subtitles here

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