This trash pile was here yesterday morning, too. Yes, that's a crosswalk, and yes, the pile of trash blocks the curb cut.

I went on a tour of the abandoned City Hall subway station. I'm too lazy to repost my trip thread here, so you'll have to go over to birbsite for it.

I am very curious about this thing at Chambers Street. It's fenced off because it's a few inches higher than the rest of the floor, and I'm not sure if that's just for the art, or if it's to increase clearance for something below, and if so, what, and why only this part, and???

Sometimes Wikipedia writers are clearly just having fun

healthcare, vore 


Half the display signs are directly behind other signs. Carefully considered. Lol.

(Also, isn't reaching out to say I don't think it's well placed kinda what I just did?)

Did they place this here specifically to obstruct flow, or what?

Took a pic to ask what exactly she's holding on to here, but someone with a pen beat me to it

"dispose of trash properly or we'll cut you in half. This person learned their lesson."

tfw the doctor asks you what medications you're taking

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