the way the cheers come up for the firefighters and then go back down when the cops come back

TIL there is a federal reserve police? and also that they have checkpoints?

feels like there's a metaphor here, something about trying to paper over how racism is built into the fabric of our society. at least one sticker is still up

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MTA put up stickers a while back to cover the slaver flag motif in the times square station. they appear to have come down at some point

mod one of those little kids cars to have a 3mL I4 instead of a battery

I happened to be nearby 432 park today, so I wandered past, thinking maybe it would be more interesting at the base. it is, somehow, even more aggressively bland up close

the OMNY card is out. for some reason, the design includes a UPC code, which is pretty cursed

the other day my mom asked me what kind of videos I watch on tiktok and I didn't know how to even begin explaining

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