this seems like a good compromise between not dumping trauma on strangers and not having to lie and I'm here for it

some of the capitol rioters debate not charging some of the capitol rioters

that is clearly a duck u can tell cuz it's floating

people used to put candles in these things. lit candles. on purpose.

food kinda 

obviously "singular" is not the right word here, but what would the right word be? or is reese's actually the plural of reese'?

wait is *this* where people get the idea that ohio isn't the midwest? cuz it doesn't have prairie?


didn't know it was possible to be more detached from the experience of people in the city than deblasio. I'm honestly impressed

I can't tell if the greenish stuff is dust or pollen (idk from what, given it's january) or ladybug sperm some kind of idk lichen or something?

wait is that... I don't think I've ever seen a package label with μm on it before? have I been looking past it the whole time? (I mean obviously I have cuz the box has been sitting there for months) is 22.8 μm a lot? I assume it's the thickness of the bag but I'm still surprised

they were let in. they were let in. do not forget that

the cops.

I wish I had been filming my reaction to this cuz it went like this:

omg lego bonsai tree I want it

lego bonsai cherry tree I NEED


are you kidding me english? does your bootlicking know no bounds? just gonna randomly add letters cuz you miss sucking on that sweet italian leather?

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I think this means six more months of covid? idk I'm not great at marmotamancy

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