It's starting to almost look like a transit map. like, if you look closely, you can see bits that look right but just aren't in the right place relative to everything else

something something quarantine something unfathomable decadence

a bug in a project I'm working on led to this lovely abstract expressionist take on the NYC Subway map

I think low contrast text in an accessibility menu is,, probably not the right move?


someone over on birbsite claiming we'll banish the memory of trump from our collective history, no statues of him, nothing named after him, and I'm just reading this like

no way! tabrecta is fda approved now?? I've been waiting for that so long that I forgot what it's for! I can only assume it's a suppository!

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I don't think that's how those are supposed to go Dr. Scrubs

is that what the kids are calling condoms these days?

I like how the light fixture for the enchantment room came out, too

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still have to put in actual bookshelves but the interior is coming along nicely

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selfie, ec 

my phone has a front-facing IR camera

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