food, mild anxiety 

there's an elderberry bush trying to grow in my back yard and every time I see it I get this mild worry that some small child is going to eat from it and get sick. it's not a rational worry, I don't know whose kid it would be or why nobody told them not to eat strange berries without asking, and ofc they're perfectly safe if you cook them first, but it's a worry

re: food, mild anxiety 

@else that hypothetical kid won't get poisoned if you get there first and make jam out of all the berries 😋

re: food, mild anxiety 

@else elderberries are great, I wish I had an elderberry bush
I wouldn't worry about it though, your only responsibility is that if you see kids trying to eat them you tell them why they should not
and if you know there are neighbor kids coming into your yard to play you could go next door and have a talk with their parents making sure they tell their kids not to eat the berries raw
it wouldn't be your fault if they did eat them though, you didn't plant the bush to maliciously lure kids into getting sick like the witch in Hansel and Gretel
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