got a marketing email from the blood testing lab telling me they could help figure out my fertility issues. glad to see some good old traditional spam, like we had when I was a kid. it was a simpler time

I don't need labcorp to determine the cause of my infertility, of course. I'm at least 83% sure it's cuz I chopped my balls off. that usually does it


literally why does labcorp even have a marketing department. what does it accomplish. if the answer is "more lab work", that's just wasting lab labor. sucking your literal blood just because number go up

or is it to take business from competitors? to what end? does it matter who performs the task, as long as they do it to the satisfaction of people who know how to judge such things? like, idk, my doctor?

some smart, capable person went to school, got a degree, got a job in a highly valued field for a company that does in fact do a meaningful service. all along making the decisions they thought were good, the ones we say are good. and now they write spam for a living.

@else to be fair the job of actually writing out the spam email is probably just done an intern who studied something like marketing in college

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